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Thursday, September 30, 2004

clean feeling

I sat on the chair and opened my mouth. It's been only a few weeks since I went to a similar place, but I felt like I have to. She was gentle and had the patience that I have known for the past fourteen years. The instruments moved and the other equipments collaborated in achieving their the main goal. Liquid and gel moved in and out, as the rush of the water blended with the music blasting from the radio. Thirty minutes later, I thanked her. It was free, like all these years.

I once dreamt of becoming one and during that time I wondered where has this passion gone?

Monday, September 27, 2004

kotong cops

We had a tree planting at Novaliches last Saturday. It was kinda fulfilling but what pissed me off was that people did not collect the bags of seedlings that they used. So much for environmental consciousness. And hello! You should not plant a thousand seedlings in a residential area, First, it's hazardous. Plus the fact that the leaves cause roof corrosion. Then, the area for growth is not that adaptable for the trees. There will be competition for survival. If it's a forest then that is fine. But just a park? I presumed it's only about 500sqm. A hundred tress will do if we follow the rule that each tress should be 5sqm apart from each other..

After that we went to the Fort and then home.

Well of course we do not really know how to go to the Fort from Quezon City. I do but from Makati. So my instincts got a little practice about which path to take and viola! We were able to have a drink (we already had our lunch at the tree planting site).

Passing from EDSA/Taft avenue on the way to Macapagal Hiway, Charmaine swerved. An MMDA officer asked us to stop. No, she wasn't drunk. We were all perfectly fine. He said reckless driving. This time my companions needed to go to the washroom (not me. I did it before we left). So she was begging the patrol men to let us go because cr na cr na po kami sir, kuya. I don't know how many times she said that. But they would not give in. Then they asked for the license. Given. They will ticket us. The registration papers. Not found! We were frantic. Charmaine searched for her wallet, and remembered that Joseph had her money (who got off at EDSA/Taft). Then she shelled out a hundred pesos. I have been waiting for this! I was at the backseat and it was very very very clear. The officer accepted the money and let us go.

After they relieved themselves , we passed by the same route for Roxas Blvd. Formerly there were only 2 patrolmen, then they were three.

The ticket costs Php150, plus the hassle that you have to go to a Metrobank branch. Charmaine does not want her mom to see the ticket.

And we thought that the ticketing scheme would lessen the incidence of graft and corruption

I do not know how many glasses of iced tea I drank. Five or six?

Kate and Leopold

Lat night, Kate and Leopold was airing at ABS-CBN. I did not watch it because at 8, I was already sleepy and I am sure that the film will start just before 11. So again I missed it.

I was supposed to watch that during its premiere in May 2002, I think because my friend has free tickets. Sadly, he informed me only in the afternoon, and I was having asthma attack during that season, Moreover, I was reviewing for the board exam. I also had little money and I was certain that he would treat me. Nevertheless, I let the opportunity pass, for the reason that Megamall is 2 hours travel time from my house and if the film finishes at past 9, then how would I go home? That was it.

I'll just buy a CD when I feel like it. =)

Friday, September 24, 2004

hard work

My goodness. It's really hard to create and improve a template when you know only little about it. Trial and error. But perseverance and hard work pays off.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Hey hey hey, I received my first mooncake from one of my bosses. Our corporate affairs manager is a Chinese and she is younger than me by almost 3 months (okay, she's from ADMU).

July 2

Posted in email July 3, 2004

Yesterday, like any other weekday, I heard the morning mass.
To my surprise, a lot of people were in the church, though it was a typical first Friday, the the church does not fill up with people.
They were wearing red. I saw the print of Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos on their shirts. So I asked my mother what's up. She replied, It is Imelda's birthday.
These people came from the different parts of the country. Most of them were experienced. Yet they tolerated the crowd, the heat, the lack of sleep, the fatigue and hunger. Though their mass is at 9am, not the regular morning mass at 7:30.
During all these years, I never knew when her birthday was. Only her husband's (September 11).
Imelda was the lover of anything beautiful, be it culture, arts, structures, events, anything! The Philippines owe her a lot. You read it right, we owe her a lot, not that their family is the one who should pay.
Yet, she never asked for anything, not even appreciation. She is aware of her critics. I am longing to see the film about her life, but she herself criticzed it, saying it was exaggerated.
Remember the time when she was not invited to the nuptial of Charles and Diana? She threw a big bash to prove how wrong they were. She deserved to be there. Because of that, life was more grand that night.
Look how strong the buildings wherein she herself supervised the construction. CCP, PICC, the UPLB library, and a lot more. So what if the Film Center collapsed? That was not her fault. It was the engineers' and the architects'. She was not even present when that happened.
I only know a little about the greatest and best First Lady the Philippines ever ahd, and there will never be another one.
Next year, July 2 will fall on a Saturday, And i will be wearing red.
imeldific adjective. Ostentatiously extravagant to the point of vulgarity (from Imelda Marcos, shoe collector extraordinaire).
She is so refined, and anything grand.

Read This and Watch It

Posted in email and friendster Bulletin Board July 26, 2004

As anyone of you might have expected it, I watched the film ÒImeldaÓ

It was wonderful, although I presume the epilogue was a bit more than exaggerated.

When she met my inspiration, no one else than Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, it was love at first sight. The fact that they belong to the richest and most powerful families in the country added to the speculation that it was just a marriage for convenience.

How true, yet one can only attest to the loyalty they had on each other, even up to now.

Yes, Imelda was glamorous, fashionable, and beautiful. She was a role model. So what if she goes to the slums wearing expensive shoes, clothes, and jewelry? As she put it, they need a star. Besides, how can you influence people to transform and improve their lives if you yourself are not a good example? Perhaps, that may be vague. LetÕs say in a class there are no honor students, WhoÕs going to study if thereÕs no competition at all?

Yes, they led lives that were beyond comparison. Imelda belonged to one of the 10 richest women in the world. That was just okay, since she is the First Lady, and please, it took them 20 years to accumulate their wealth while Marcos was President, excluding the wealth their family already have. What about today? Arroyo is here to stay until 2010, yet her husband has been involved in a lot of questionable transactions, isnÕt yet?

The people before were very disciplined. What I liked most was the curfew. Less evil elements in the streets. Compare it to the present world. Here, there, later, a while ago, all places are filled with people who cannot be identified as either responsible citizens or crooks. But of course, some, instead o f going home early, stayed in pubs till the wee hours of the morning, when they can defy being caught. Martial Law is not wicked. It helped people gain discipline.

What about public works? San Juanico bridge was constructed, NCLEX and SLEX and a lot more.

We were at par with the worldÕs finest with CCP and PICC. Not to mention the Manila Film Center which is not being used today, because of the belief that spirits haunt it. These were the works of Imelda. She was a world ambassador of the Philippines, her beloved child.

Did you mention her shoes? WhatÕs wrong with having a lot of shoes if you use them? Being a diplomat, everything must be coordinated with your clothes. Do you not spend time deciding which would go with what? She either bought it, or they came as a gift. To cite a real life example, I like books. Therefore, the most ideal gift for me are books! She claimed she had 3000 pairs, and after their exile. She wonders what Corazon Aquino did to them

Benigno Aquino SrÕs assassin is still at large. Who killed him? Definitely not them, even though they had different leadership beliefs. You need other peopleÕs opinions to improve something. I have my theory. They were the ones who are envious of Ninoy because they know that he is greater. Two of them are much alive and active today. IÕm talking about Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. They should have not gotten Sergio Osme–a IIIÕs side, but how will you improve something if thereÕs no critic? Add spice! Sergio Osme–a II belonged to the ambitious people who were not favored by Marcos, because he was not capable of good service.

Let us talk about the economy. The exchange rate at its poorest was Php2 = $1, Marcos regime. With Aquino, it decreased to Php10. Then with Ramos, Php25. People were protesting if it would increase from Php28 to Php30 in Estrada administration. Of course, during the impeachment, it further decreased to Php50. Now, still under the Arroyo administration, 56.014 as of this morning.

We are an overpopulated country. More people, more poverty, mire illiteracy for a third world country. Imelda proactively endorsed birth control methods. The Church and thus the beginning an increase in population dictated Aquino.

Yes, almost 3,000 people leave the country to become immigrants of other countries or to work as OFWs. Arroyo promised a million jobs or more. We should have asked, where? What? As entertainers? As teachers? As caregivers? Domestic helpers? Nurses? We have a running joke in the family. Arroyo visited Hong Kong and exclaimed ÒWow, dati isang daan lang kayo, ngayon libo libo! (Wow, before there were only a hundred of you, now there are thousands!): Due to lack of employment opportunities.

Luckily, I was not able to hear the SONA today. I can criticize it tomorrow.

Who can make this nation great for the third time?


Posted in emails last June 29, 2004

I am getting tired of using red, black ,and blue, so I used this one, Unique, isn't it?

Tomorrow will be President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's proclamation. In Cebu. Why in Cebu, you might ask. Because tomorrow is also the first day of showing of Spiderman, Have you wondered how big this blockbuster is, that people are more willing to watch it than the proclamation of our president? Plus the fact that it will boost Cebu's income even for just a few days. The hotels will be fully booked, traffic will be congested, since the officials will be there (motorcades, escorts, here we go!!!). Restaurants will be crowded, and souvenir shops will be jampacked!!! What do you know, that groceries might run out of dried mangoes.

Honestly, if tomorrow will be a holiday, I prefer to stay at home and watch her, rather than spiderman. Spiderman will be showing, I presume, for about a month. Tomorrow will be one day where the incumbent president will be criticized, ridiculed, and praised by your very own sis, me, of course.

I have no idea how long will she sit in her term. Will it be six years of sending more Filipinos as OFWs? I wonder why she is so proud of that when in fact it is merely the mirror that there are less and less job opportunities here in our devastated country. I used to be full of hopes. But if people and our leaders continue to deteriorate in terms of quality, then we can only be facing doom.

I'm sure you have heard of the bridge porgram. At first I thought this was good, since students will be more exposed to learning. However, my neighbor teaches at Manila High and said that this is how it goes like: Math teachers will teach PE teachers who will be the one facilitating, and Science teachers will teach THE (Technology and Home Economics) facilitators. These facilitators will be the lecturers of the students. Insane, isn't it? No wonder the quality of the education is deteriorating. Media is another factor. As I child, all the cartoons I watched were in English. Now, networks fight who gets the dubbing in Filipino. I say ABSCBN dubs better. But that is another story.

I get bored reading long emails. So I have to say goodbye. See you at the cinema. But I like Batman better. No superpowers.

10 Fingers

Yes, I am a normal person. I have 10 fingers and I treasure them because they are mine, like I treasure my loved ones.

When I was in college I cut my left pinky with a knife as I was conducting my special problem in HNF. Oh boy I fainted at that time because there was really lots of blood and I felt that oxygen ran out in my body. Time has healed that but the scar is present.

Yesterday it was a cutter and my right ring finger was the victim. Blood was dripping profusely. It's like a v-cut protruding through my flesh. I did not pass out. I remained calm. Until now that I am typing this, it hurts.

So I have 10 fingers, and only 8 are really functional. In typing, well, I think everything is fine. One benefit is that I do not have to do the laundry manually, because there is no washing machine in the house where I stay (of course we have one in the other house) . In a few weeks, everything will be a-okay.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

32 Years Later

32 years after martial law. Where are we now?

It is disappointing to know that schoolchildren do not know what martial law is, how it affected ourlives. Either their parents are not concerned or spared them the detaila. After all, why would they care when life has been easier and safer in those times?

Why should those whose human rights were violated be paid for what happened to them? In the first place, they defied the government. A government with the best of intentions for its people. A government that has tried to prevail with justice and peace. A government that has uplifted the society, created opportunities, rewarded the farmers, imporved the educational system, built strong roads, connected the people and made the Philippines at par with the world's best.

Yes, martial law was instituted to protect the people. Those were the times that criminals were on the rise. Martial law imposed curfew so that people will be safe in their homes. A lot of activists were sprouting because they believed that the administration is denying them their freedom. Yet, have we tried to assess what true freedom for them was? They were persistent about press freedom. The people have a right to know what is happening, and this right was not held from them. In the same way that we have censors and editors. Exaggeration is a very mean thing. Other modes of media, like broadcasting, is, they claim, lost its freedom. True that television and radio stations were closed down, primarily because that these institutions do not perform their duties well. Only those that existed were government-controlled.

Times were more peaceful. The economy was on the rise. There was less poverty.Agriculture was the best, as research and funding were focused in this area. Other fields of science and technology are among those that were prioritized and we have the best people for this. Filipinos know the real meaning of hospitality and bayanihan. One can leave things outside his house and return to find it in the same place.

Nowadays, the news today was yesterday's. The same will appear tomorrow. Corruption is rampant and we do not see any improvement in the country. One only thinks of himself and his resources. It does not matter if the rest of the population is suffering, as long as one is confortable. Slefishness and evil are just terminologies.

One thing for sure. This helps us to analyze the differences and similarities of the present administration. It is not yet too late. Times may be harsh, but if idealism and discipline are still present on our lives. we can make them a reality.

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Notebook

It was a fine film, not really a marvelous one. It told of unconditional love. After 7 years, they are still destined for each other. Despite all the hindrances. It was a typical rich-girl-falls-for-a-poor-boy but there was a lot more essence.

Though they tried to live their lives normally during the years they were apart, one thing remained the same---their short relationship was worth remembering.

So until they grew old and Allie had amnesia, perhaps due to age, Rower still stood by her..."Your mother is my home."

I'm a pretty lousy analyst of romance stories. But I think that film was responsible for the colds and cough that I have now. Gosh, how I hate to cry. I couldn't help it. The first was when Allie was in a shouting match with her mother, and the second was after Allie remembered who was reading to her, she suddenly forgot. Oh well.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


This is so boring. The Bureau of Customs do not have working hours during Saturdays. And why am I still in the office? Because we have to fulfill 43 hours of work every week. This is so lame. I should be at home watching tv, listening to music, eating my heart out, reading, etc. etc. I can also be at the mall watching films, doing some shopping, browsing books and magazine, selecting cards, trying out new dishes, people-watching, and there might be guestings later on, but I'm not looking forward to that.

Next week might be more tasking. I shall be updating the status of the shipments not just for my department but Domestic's as well. I am in this job by surprise. Of course I could not help but praise myself and tell that I am great/extraordinary (read: magaling ako).

Friday, September 17, 2004

harmless yahoo group email

Okay, I did not intend that my email to one of my Yahoo! groups would definitely mean something to someone, or to a lot of people. Others accused them of having a past. I was there with him all the time. I cared for both of them. It's just I think he is so defensive, and I was again, careless and tactless at the same time. That was just a simple chikka. No offense meant. And since we are both stubborn (that is why he's one of my best friends), I have no idea what will happen. I stand by my beliefs. He was like that too. Now I do not know why the heck he cares about what other people might say or find out. I simply told him that our professor's daughter is linked to our friend. That is all.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Who is Religious

Every morning, I hear the 7:30 am mass at the Manila Cathedral. There were times that I do not understand the gospel and the homily, because the priest who says them seemed to be mumbling. There are three priests who regularly celebrate the mass. I see the same people everyday. We have our favorite pews.

This morning, the priest who said the mass was the one we can barely understand. As it went on, I noticed a curly-haired man with a green shirt who walked through the middle aisle and sat in front. I thought that he must be new to the place, and wanted to hear the mass that day. The next thing I noticed was his seatmate, a COMELEC employee, transferred to the pew across the aisle. There must be something wrong. His other seatmates stayed where they are. During communion, he stood up and fell in line, with a person between us. After he received the Eucharist, he genuflected. Then returned to his seat. I couldn't help but smell him. As I went back to my place, I prayed and asked God to bless people like him, so simple, without much want, and still with faith.

Then the Koreans began to spill in after the mass.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I wanted to have a gmail account. I do not need another email address. i simply WANT it. Like I already have one for yahoo, one for hotmail, one for the office. Oh, I have another one for my schizophrenic activities (I'm not really schezophrenic, but I use this identity, a male one, as an alias, such as for texting).

So I got a gmail...and to have this, my browser must support it. No programs can allow this in my PC. Besides, downloading is restricted. Damn. I don't even have a YM or MSN messenger, and moreso, Chikka, in my office PC.

How was I able to get a gmail? Such a wonder to me. I was only browsing through Jaemark's blog (ultraelectromagneticblog) and saw the invitation for a gmail account. 1 click-used. 6 click-used. 2 click-used. 4 click-unused. I signed up here. 3 click-unused, 5 click-unused.

My browser is not compatible. I need to have specific programs...downloading is a requirement. (I forgot what where those.)I finally chose to download Mozilla, hoping that it would work (read: not restricted). Miracle of miracles! It did! Of course I had to choose a location wherein I will be able to install it, as program files will not allow it. Call me crazy but I put it in my docs.

Now I have 4 email accounts...and one for my secret activities. Nothing deadly nor dangerous nor immoral nor evil, mind you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I am a tampurista. I have been like this since time immemorial. I don’t like it when people forget my birthday, and I’m only referring to my closest friends, as my family does not forget it. In fact, I felt so bad in 2002 when someone so special way back then never greeted me. This year one of my best friends forgot it too. I made him guilty about it. Then he also forgot to come to my birthday treat, and one of my closest friends forgot it too, and he had a seminar that night.

Another instance when I make tampo is when the people who I thought would take time to either bring me home, walk me home, or let me get a ride, does not do so. In college, it was perfectly natural for me to walk home alone. I know that there are bad elements lurking in the campus. Guess I was lucky all those times. Whether I came from a party (which I felt bad later, because, nobody did), or from a meeting, or just strolling around to let out my anger, sadness, and frustration, or even just to take some time off. Then again, I remind myself that I used to do this alone. Maybe I just got used to it.

When you cancel a meeting with me, I also don’t feel so good, or if you are late. It’s like I have set my mind on this matter, and viola! In an instance, you back out. It’s like great expectations have fallen. If you forget something that I always remind you of, such as things to purchase, it brings out a minimal amount of tampo.

I have no idea when this attitude of mine will be gone. It only affects me. Or so I think. Because I am nice and forgiving, if you are guilty if such, you only have to apologize, a little cajole, make me smile, and everything will be fine.

Monday, September 13, 2004

my 9/11/2004

I woke up at 5:30 am to do the laundry. Then took a bath. Around 7:00 I was hagning the clothes, and whaddya know, gotta iron those which have been washed on Thursday night. Ate breakfast at Jollibee, got to work at exactly 9.

Then my sister insisted on a watermelon. Who would, and where, as the fruit is not in season? So before I went home, went to the supermarket and bought a few things. I forgot to buy a gift for my friend.

At home, just landed the groceries at the table, washed my face, and went to the birthday celebration till 7pm. Ate lots, really. I am a hearty eater, though it does not show.

This was my 9/11/2004.

I also remember this day as the birthday of the greatest Filipino president that ever lived. Ferdinand Marcos. All things were in prime order. Some say that fear was always present in his regime, but if you are a loyal citizen, what for?

And where are we now?

In a hell run by Filipinos, as Quezon wanted.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

the ordeal

Ahhh, the pains of creating a website. I have been wanting to create one since college days, but the soul is not willing. I have viewed as a complicated task, that is why I have entrusted it to the master...(now I have no idea what happened to the edited website...the first one was fine, although there was a lot of comments that it was so simple that even a gradeschooler can do that, said other people...I'm shutting up about who said that).

I have no idea when I will be through with this. I mean, these javascripts are entirely alien to me. I do not understand them. Fortunately, I can learn.Oh great one grant me knowledge and wisdom about this matter. I also use a pagebuilder, and my friend suggested deamweaver, but I am content with what I have now.

I'll tell you when I am through with this ordeal.

Friday, September 10, 2004

my job

When I run out of things to do, well, then I have nothing to do, so I just surf. Now that I have created my blog, then it's an added thing to do, though not mandatory. Presently, I am constructing my website...

I enjoy it when I have morning meetings, I attend and take the minutes. Then I do my duties for the day, making sure that everything is okay...But when it's over, that's the time that I conjure my magic.

Sometimes, things get boring. Life at worl is monotonous, so it is my responsibility to bring joy to mt life...add spice!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

at last

I've been trying to create a blog since yesterday but the URL name is always invalid..

Well, I was very tired last night though I did wake up in the wee hours of the morning, for no reason at all. Yesterday was my sister's 16th birthday and we just went out for our dinner, took some pictures, where else but my beloved Intramuros.

So here I am, doing nothing...
I hate it when I run out of things to do, like I just surf the web. My mobile phone has no credit because I refuse to purchase a prepaid card until next week. I just use ICQ to text. I wish YM, chikka, and Msn messenger can be installed here but IT has our PC's restricted. Duh. How sad.