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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thanking the Heavens

We've got budgetary constraints. We had misunderstandings and conflicts in schedules. Yet we did it. Again.

Last Sunday was the SAGIP Olympics. West B won the championship...back to back, plus other special awards such as cheerdancing champion and the biggest SFC delegation. The practices and hardwork all paid off.

Two days before the event, the country was hit by typhoon Caloy. Thus our prayers did not only include zero injuries and overall championship, but rather good weather as well. The heavens are kind and by Sunday morning sunshine could be seen and felt. Although it showered every now and then, the clouds moved swiftly so as not to inflict any illness among the participants, the marshalls, the SFCs, the parents, and all those present in the olympics.

As for me, being a sports marshall is exhausting, especially for track and field wherein it has the most events. To top it off, people were hard-headed when you ask them to clear the track. I also got into a little argument with someone from our chapter, obviously unaware that we belong together, because I did not wear our team's official shirt, which proved to be helpful since we are not biased, not at all, not even a little.

So with these, the children are more than happy the see the fruits of their sweats. Ours as well.

Tsk tsk tsk

I still cannot get over that Dred voluntary exited out of Kuya's house for PBB Teen Edition. I wanted him to win...being a model student and a very exemplary teen.