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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ardythe's Handicrafts

Ardythe's handicrafts offers handicraft bags.

Filipinos design beautiful bags and craft them with endeavor which is at par with the whole world.

The site showcases different collections that will definitely appeal to the senser. Durable and useful, they will never go out of style.

Log in to http://www.ardythehandicrafts.multiply.com/.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nokia's Failing

All my cellphones have been manufactured by Nokia. Except for one manufactured by Motorola.

I got my 3310 in 2001. It was fine. I dropped it only three times, if I remember it right. But by February or March 2006, my drink spilled in my bag, and that was the start of its good-bye. Slowly, battery life would end when I have a call. I replaced its battery twice, so I had three batteries during the whole duration of it with me.

I bought a 6610i when the 3310 got wet. Just to be sure. But after a few months, I forgot when, it really just few months, it's keypad wouldn't work and I had to bring it to the Nokia Care Center.

My boyfriend had to go to Papua New Guinea and since my phone was open line and his was not, I used his and he used mine. His phone was Motorola L6. I had it repaired once.

Since we were eligible to obtain a free phone due to his post paid plan, we got an N73 in March 2008. However, in August, the phone would just turn off. I had it checked by October and a month later, the problem re-occurred. I brought it again to the Nokia Care Center but after a week it experienced the same problems. I had it checked only this year, around February or March, before the warranty expired, but when I got home, it was still the same. As in that same night.

I continued to endure the power failures and the memory full status, until I got the 6700 July this year. Yet, on September 9, 2009, yesterday, it would not switch on. I slept at 1am charging it, leaving it on, and then viola! It has no power anymore when I woke up. I brought it to the Nokia Care Center once again. Up to now I have no update.

What bothers me are:
the loss of the data - all contacts, messages, reminders, notes
the loss of time - to update all the information on the phone
the loss of time - because I have to have it checked, and then I have to come back to claim it
the quality of the phone.

The simpler the phone, the better. But times are changing now...

Or maybe I would get another brand next time...