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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Birthday Thoughts

Friday, July 21

We had our lower household at Erica's dorm. We're supposed to watch The Classic but the player was not able to read the cd. We ended up with What If then towards the finish, it hung. Sigh. The film was beautiful.

He took me to my place and in the cab he said that his officemate asked him to exchange schedule for the plant next week. He did not agree because he has two meetings the week after that. I just sighed and thought he forgot my birthday...

Sunday, July 23

We heard mass together. ÜÜÜ Due to the storm, it was raining hard. I'm glad that he brought Rexie and Rose back to their respective houses since he still has to go to their place and I was heading home.

Tuesday, July 25

I asked him about the UPCAT application of the two YFC-SIGA and he still has to contact UPD.

Wednesday, July 26

He advised me to take care of the UPCAT. Then he said he'll be attending the chapter assembly that night. and inquired about the blowout. I was surprised. So he remembered! Even if he cannot be with me on the day, he still made it in advance. Ü He arrived after the chapter assembly. Why? Because of the long trip. He never had supper yet so we went to Mcdonald's and by the time we would be leaving, it was raining hard. I arrived before midnight.

Thursday, July 27

The day! A few minutes after my arrival, I started receiving text messages. But I was too sleepy to reply, plus I only had 2 pesos credit. Hehehe.

I woke up at 5:30 am. Mom asked why I was so early. I replied I'm hearing the 8am mass at St. Jude, without Melvyn because he has to oversee the GK site at Talanay.

Then I proceeded to Tatalon to arrange the UPCAT of Daday and Malong. Since I did not want to walk, I brought a dozen munchkins so that I have some change for the tricycle. To my surprise, Daday had not yet filled up her form and had no photo. I went over their application forms. Both of them still has the form which their highschool should have filled up. We went to have Daday's photo taken (11am) and then to the school. The principal said that the registrar will be the one to take care of it, she'll just sign. The registrar had a lot of things to do and will be able to accommodate us at 3pm. Three pm? My system started to panic. PNB is only until 3pm! I called him and told him about it. Since he cannot do anything about it we talked to one of their advisers. They borrowed their classmate's pen because it's supposed to be in blue ink. We thought it over at the canteen. Determined, I proceeded to the registrar and tried to talk it with her. Finally, due to my persistence and insistence, she conceeded to fill up the form and the gave the Form 137. Thank God. Funny, that the two girls did not know their parents' full names and had to go back. At past 1pm, we were on our way to UPD. We paid the fine for late filing at the Quezon hall, walked to PNB because there was no jeep from Katipunan, and saw a lot of things and talk about a lot of stuff. In the bank, I taught them to fill up the deposit slip The bank's system was always going offline. When it was our turn, it totally surrendered. I had no choice but to secure a postal money order. But we ate lunch first (3:30pm) before going to the post office. I let them sign the PMO. We headed our way to the Office of Admissions and uttered thanks when they got their test permit. We walked over to the College of Arts and Letters, their venue for the UPCAT and then I inquired at the College of Business Administration (PHP2500/unit!). We got back at 6pm.

Throughout that day, I was busy texting him and replying to everyone who greeted me.

Friday, July 28

I texted Lourdi about the birthday party of the SAGIP Kids and she said she just has the money. We tried to contact Badz but he failed to reply to sms messages, did not answer his mobile phone, and the landline in his office is not working. I relayed it to Cathy and she said he'll take care of it.

Saturday, July 29

I arrived at Tatalon and found Badz there. He said that there was a lot of problems in his work so he turned his mobile phone off. Jaira and I had some money so we could buy food for the party. We had some games and story-telling for the children. It was a success! This afternoon was tutorial session, because tomorrow is the facilitators' training.


So there. A lot of things that God has for me for my birthday...ÜÜÜ

I know that there's a lot more that I can achieve.

Friday, July 21, 2006

To Flee or Not To Flee

The title may be not original, but it is what came first on my mind.

The attacks in Lebanon have been on-going, and no one can tell when it is going to stop. The Republic of the Philippines has been pleading for help, even from the Vatican. Yes, as always, there are lots of OFWs there, like in the rest of the world.

The government takes pride in the success stories of the Filipinos globally. Sure, their dollar remittances add to the income of the country. At least the legal ones. Even the TNTs, when they send money, help the nation in one way or another. After all, the peso becomes stronger, and the international currency is in dollars, US dollars.

They have given thoughts that these Filipinos are martyrs, willing to be away from their families in the hope of giving them a better life. Who are the real martyrs, or heroes, anyway? Those who escape from the hardships of our country? Or those who are still staying here, including me, and bearing the hardships of the country, including the political instability, corruption, crimes, pollution, traffic, and witnessing the increasing poverty of the people?

On the other hand, those who have fled to other countries would prefer to stay there, rather than being unemployed here. The government is proud for their talents and skills, primarily because they cannot provide enough employment for them. They can be employed, but they can be also underemployed. They are not getting their diploma's worth.

Therefore, despite the bombings, the destructions, the fear that they are experiencing, they'd rather not flee. While here, they would flee from serving a rotten and dishonest administration.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Early Morning Empowerment

I had to wake up at 5:30 am because we heard mass at 7am at Sto. Domingo Parish. It did not bother me at all, because I am an early riser, despite sleeping late last night because I attended the MMLA.

Again, the mass is the highest form of prayer and it makes me empowered everytime I attend it, despite the time of the day. To hear mass with someone makes it more wonderful. Of course it is okay for me to go alone...but this is different.

After that we had breakfast and went on our way. We may serve the community differently, but for the same purpose, to be servants of Christ.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Importance of Praying

Like most devout Catholics, I consider the mass as the highest form of prayer. I can hear mass alone, but it would be better if I am with my family or friend or a loved one. I get sad if I want a certain person to go with me and he opts to gowith other peole. I mean, it's okay, but if he changes our schedule because of them, then it's another issue.

Prayer Partners Really Pray

For the past few weeks, my love life (naks meron pala) has been improving. Thanks to Melvyn, my partner in crime during the novenas at St. Jude, my former household, and currently my lower household, and perhaps more people. Though we have a lot of conflicts, among which includes service for Singles for Christ and Gawad Kalinga, we are maximizing the time that has been given to us. I am not mentioning who this special person is, in God's time, it will happen.Ü

This morning, we went to Los Baños, Laguna to conduct an ocular inspection at Pook ni Mariang Makiling. UPLB has not changed much from my last visit of September last year, but the others did-more new establishments and dorms. We left Manila at passsst 6 in the morning and got there at past 8, then checked out the venue. Although I was so surprised, we walked from Pook to Tita Ayd's house! We saw ate Cynch too, seems to be 4 months pregnant. Ü I wanted him to meet our immediate family when we were in college, who was also our faculty adviser and couple coordinator for YFC UPLB. At the same time, more concerns were discussed such as the food for the covenant orientation of the SIGA and SFC's MMLC.

I was not worried whether I'll be able to attend my classes at 2 in the afternoon. I did not give it much concern, simply because I'm in Los Baños, I was with him, and I needed more sleep. Oh yes, I was late for my class but did not miss out anything.