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Monday, September 27, 2004

kotong cops

We had a tree planting at Novaliches last Saturday. It was kinda fulfilling but what pissed me off was that people did not collect the bags of seedlings that they used. So much for environmental consciousness. And hello! You should not plant a thousand seedlings in a residential area, First, it's hazardous. Plus the fact that the leaves cause roof corrosion. Then, the area for growth is not that adaptable for the trees. There will be competition for survival. If it's a forest then that is fine. But just a park? I presumed it's only about 500sqm. A hundred tress will do if we follow the rule that each tress should be 5sqm apart from each other..

After that we went to the Fort and then home.

Well of course we do not really know how to go to the Fort from Quezon City. I do but from Makati. So my instincts got a little practice about which path to take and viola! We were able to have a drink (we already had our lunch at the tree planting site).

Passing from EDSA/Taft avenue on the way to Macapagal Hiway, Charmaine swerved. An MMDA officer asked us to stop. No, she wasn't drunk. We were all perfectly fine. He said reckless driving. This time my companions needed to go to the washroom (not me. I did it before we left). So she was begging the patrol men to let us go because cr na cr na po kami sir, kuya. I don't know how many times she said that. But they would not give in. Then they asked for the license. Given. They will ticket us. The registration papers. Not found! We were frantic. Charmaine searched for her wallet, and remembered that Joseph had her money (who got off at EDSA/Taft). Then she shelled out a hundred pesos. I have been waiting for this! I was at the backseat and it was very very very clear. The officer accepted the money and let us go.

After they relieved themselves , we passed by the same route for Roxas Blvd. Formerly there were only 2 patrolmen, then they were three.

The ticket costs Php150, plus the hassle that you have to go to a Metrobank branch. Charmaine does not want her mom to see the ticket.

And we thought that the ticketing scheme would lessen the incidence of graft and corruption

I do not know how many glasses of iced tea I drank. Five or six?


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