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Friday, February 26, 2010

Excess Baggage?

I usually travel within the Philippines, like twice or thrice a year, for personal and business purposes. For business, we use PAL since it is required. Perhaps I have become accustomed to having a baggage allowance of 20kg.

My flight last Monday from Davao to Manila used Cebu Pacific Air. I forgot that their allowance is only 15kg. Mine weighed 21kg. I only had Php400 in my wallet. plus an ATM card. The charge is Php100/kg. I still have to pay the terminal fee of Php200 since I am in Davao International Airport. The lady at the check-in counter would not allow me to hand carry the other bag even if it weights only 7kg. She said it is too big. Reading the guidelines, PAL has a measurement of 44 inches of hand carry, while while Cebu Pacific has 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm for Airbus. My bag measures only 18 inches or 45 cm x 20cm x 23 cm, it can easily be brought and stored in the stow. She even asked me to remove things, but I do not reside there and the contents are all for personal use.

The ATM at the airport is out of order by the way. I had to call friends who would be departing on a later flight to let me borrow money.

I really found it very troublesome and unfriendly. What if I do not know anyone there?

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