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Friday, August 28, 2009


When I was in college, when we're given take home exams, we had one week to do that.

Now in graduate school, with the loads of work, family and friends, the take home exam is two days...WTF???

Notes are incomplete. Since the advancement of technology, all lectures are in powerpoint presentations. We were not given a copy until yesterday. Classes started at June. Actually, they are still incomplete as of the moment. They send the files in PDF format. I do not want to waste MY INK and MY PAPER printing all of those slides, around 200 of them at present. I convert them to powerpoint and make my own adjustments. That takes time and effort.

There are 5 items in that exam, with categories and sub-categories.I do not have the leisure of time. I am a very busy person. I am blogging now because I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I have to express my rant.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Love Her or Hate Her

Yesterday my mother asked me if I would pay a visit to the former President Corazon Aquino. I was never her fan. She was never my idol.So told her if that would be Imelda then I would. But she is not.

Today, as I was watching the burial procession, the caretaker and the guard commented of Kristeta, more famously known as Kris Aquino. She is a celebrity, a favored endorser, a good actress at times, a singer, a reporter, a good mother, and a wife. She is also known as a person who loves stupidly.

Kris is intelligent, the most intelligent among her siblings. Yet sometimes decisions of the heart fail her. She loves too much, and wrongly. She has had affair with other celebrities. She had her moment when she was almost killed by her lover (Joey Marquez) who was a known womanizer. I think she digs basketball players.

She is now married and happy with James Yap, who's much more younger than her. In fact younger than me.

Sometimes I don't like her because of what she says.I admit I am like her...frank and straight-forward. Sometimes I like her because of that attitude.

I have met her once when I was a contestant in her game show Game Ka Na Ba? She was pretty.

So we have our own judgments. She may not be as wise as her mother and father. But we are all different.