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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Dreamer is a Reality

October 14, 2006, Saturday

After weeks of preparation and persisting possible sponsors, it finally happened. Nineteen SAGIP kids from GK Tatalon, 16 of them grade school graduates, were able to experience a different exposure that would make an impact in their upbringing and lives: Joseph the Dreamer.

The call time was 1pm yet there were some changes who were joining and who were not. To regain patience, we came up with different tactics, such as taking a whiff of fresh air or starting a conversation with other people. A quarter before 2, we said a prayer and began our journey. Kids were assigned to respective elders: 4 SFCs and two parents.

The MRT at Quezon Avenue arrived after 20 minutes that we were on the platform. For some, this was their first time. Though crowded, they enjoyed the trip.

When we reached Cinema 4 of SM Megamall, it was just in the nick of time. The musical started. There was no break. They were awed that even us could not speak to them. They were watching and listening very intently on the life of Joseph.

After the show, the children had their photosession with the characters. They also asked for autographs from those who Joseph and Potiphar.

It was past 6pm when they got back. Yet behind their tiredness, their eyes and their stories tell them they did not just enjoy the show. They truly appreciated this gift.

Some things that they learned were:

Always look up to God.
When God closes a window, he opens a door.

At this point, we would like to thank all those who made it possible: SFCs, parents, anonymous OMGEO employees, and Trumpets and Stages people, especially Oliver (who assigned at centerstage tickets at discounted prices) and Gelai.

Photos will be posted when available.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Happy You are Here

Those were the words that the priest asked us to say to our seatmate last Thursday at St. Jude. I was with my two friends, one whom I consider holds a very special place not only in my heart but in my life.
I was not able to see him for almost two weeks, so I definitely missed him. I had an upper household that night and I was the host. I could have opted to hear the earlier novena masses but I did not, because,
1.It was my commitment to hear the mass at 7pm with my other friend
2. I wanted to be with my very special friend.
But then, he (friend 2) had an argument just because of that the day after. And it was through sms. I admit it was my fault.I would not elaborate on the matter. Chismis na yun.
Saturday came and a few days before he wanted me to come to the Child Youth Development Forum: Community-based Learning. October 6-8 is the GK EXPO at Mall of Asia, in celebration of GKs 2nd anniversary.I was defeated and crushed that even if I waited for that event for about a month (I'm not sure), because I know how wonderful it would be, I DID NOT COME.
The following day I received an SMS which is a reply to mine and it made my heart bleed more. It was so bad that I was walking through the streets and rode a jeep with tears falling on the way to a friend's house 4 kilometers away. (But hey, I even asked the driver's assistant to give me an exact change!) I don't care how people saw me.
Two hours later I heard the mass, and somehow, it lightened my burden. Then we went to the GK EXPO. The activities were already through but we managed to see the exhibits and even had a free massage at the back, arms, and legs of our body.
Evening came it was time for our batch reunion. Take note that special friend is my batchmate and he was the one who organized it. Though we acted like there's no problem, the moment I fear came - he would not bring me home to my place before he gets to his. So there. We just uttered a soft and sad "bye" as I got on the jeepney.
This morning I also asked for an apology. Again, via SMS. I know he loves me and it pains him to see me hurt.
I am waiting for our prayers to be granted.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Medical Advice

A few weeks ago, I was in a Mercury drugstore, Las PiƱas branch. I father asked if his child could take antibiotics for a few days cough. The pharmacy assistant (a girl) said "Amoxicillin." Take note that she is not even a pharmacist, and only medical doctors can prescribe antibiotics.

Last Friday, at Mercury drugstore Quiapo, a mother asked for a cough medicine for children. The pharmacist replied ( a guy) replied "Solmux." Hey, it's not even the generic name!!!

All Heads Up

Since the start of September, two SAGIP facilitators (Cathy G and me) wanted to watch Joseph the dreamer. Then, Cathy said, let's bring the kids. I agreed. Roan said, prioritize the grade school graduates. Two days later we were working on it, checking the schedule of the runs and contacting people who would be willing to sponsor. So far, stages, c/o Oliver (who happens to be a Haribon and a former full-time mission worker for SFC = double bro!) has been cooperative. It's barely two weeks and 15 kids already have sponsors. They total 19. But that is just small. We hope we get good discounts!

As facilitators, we believe that this is a very good exposure for the children who are just ordinary kids, bombarded by bad media, politics, and even education, but with a holistic background of what we teach them and what else is out there.