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Friday, September 07, 2007

Isang Paanyayang DI DAPAT Palampasin

Tinatawagan namin lahat ng single men and women, edad 21 pataas, na makibahagi sa Christian Life Program sa Sto. Domingo Parish Center. Nagorientation na noong september 6 pero pwede ka pa ring sumali at maging miyembro ng CFC-Singles for Christ (Sto. Domingo-Tatalon, QC Chapter).


Get inspired and be an inspiration to others. bring your friends. text me for further details. Pwede rin email (ardythe@gmail.com).

Kitakitz tayo sa Sept 13, 7:30pm sa SDP!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

one hectic day

I woke up at 7am and even if I still want to sleep again, I cannot because today is the first ever joint birthday celebration of GK SAGIP and GK SIGA. Besides, Cathy is expecting us to leave by 8am. Then we strolled along the streets and left the house at 8:40. We got to the GK site just in time and there were no other people who will be involved in the birthday celebration. We managed to get the kids together. I saw the tent cover but I am not able to do anything about it since it should be attached to the roof as protection from the heat and rain...I contacted people involved and got no reply. By 10 am I was getting impatient because there were only 5 of us so I texted our chapter head and fortunately and I'm very thankful about it, that more people came. To ease my flaring up, we made the decorations for the motorcade for the afternoon. I let the brothers do the setting up and by 11:30 we started. Very unusually late since the SAGIP acitivities start at 9am. We instilled tp the children the habit of being on time (you should have known how we reprimanded them when I was fed up because for a few consecutive sessions they came at 9:20am)

I was disappointed since I expected the SIGA to be running the program when everything is already prepared. They could have been the hosts and the service team, with us providing assistance whenever needed. After all, the food and the prizes are sponsored by one unit in our chapter. They said that this was not coordinated with them when in fact we have met about this last week. And they would not come near the area even when they were just around the corner..To sum it up, it was fun because there was a lot of service team of SFCs around and I did not get angry for the very late time, and the kids were very well behaved.

Since the SAGIP birthday celebration started late, we ended late for the motorcade in the afternoon. After finishing the decorations we toured around the area and it was good for us to start late, honestly, because of the sun's harmful UV rays. Motorcade was supposed to be 2pm, with an assembly at 1pm and in reality we started to rove at 3pm. It was fun to meet a lot of people, and a little scary too, since when I was in YFC our motorcade was just honking around. Here we did the walking and the talkin and the inviting.

By 4:30pm I had to meet Christine for our one to one and at 6pm we went to mass with Joe. Then he and I had dinner and afterwards, here I am, blogging...