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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two Years and Ten Months

Coz I miss you very very much.

The time frame is not yet equal. There are still more days that I have to wait for you until we can be together again. Each count brings a different feeling.

Yet we can wait...

Church Dress Codes

This has been an issue last month but I was very busy...

The Church speaks rightly of the renewal of imposing dress codes upon the parishioners. Sure this girl that Anthony Taverna of the defunct MUP (now UKG) interviewed has her points of view. But she should have not implied that she came from the States where people do not care how their fellow churchgoers look.

The Church is a sacred place. We go there to pray not to pinpoint what the people are wearing. However, we are conscious of how they look like. And the fact that we go there to worship means we have to respect the House of God and our neighbors.

Anthony made his statement clear that the Church is a sanctuary and a place for the celebration of the Eucharist. It does not matter if we are all living in different generations. What is important that we honor the temple and that we strive to keep the faith alive, even by the expressions of how we dress.