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The name Ardythe:good war (Anglo-saxon); flowering field (Hebrew); spiritual prosperity (Swedish); Norwegian goddess.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Kung minsan may mga bagay na hindi mo naman talaga ginagawa. Dahil ayaw mo lang. Ganoon kasimple. Kaya mong gawin. Ayaw mo lang.Pero sa huli gagawin mo. Dahil mahal mo. Nakakabaliw. Napakababaw. Subalit malalim ang kahulugan.

Welcome Eamon

November 26, 2006

Another individual was added to our clan. Eamon Jose Maria Rosales was a healthy baby boy to my cousin Raymond Meneleo Rosales and his loving wife Marivic. Eamon got the Rosales (that's Japanese) looks-chinky eyes and fair complexion.His face resembles the Bernardos (that's Spanish). He's so cute and so fragile. He was chilling out from the low temperature of the room that Kuya Raymond had switched the airconditioner off.

Due to the young age of their helper, who's only 18, my cousin asked Nanay to stay with them, even once a week. You see, when Kuya Raymond and his older brother Kuya Ricky, where children, Nanay took care of them even when she was single. And they stayed with my parents even after marriage. So i spent my toddler years with them until Aunt Linda and Uncle Pons returned home from the USA with three new cousins (Ryan Maria, Royce, and Irwin).

Now I've got a niece (11 year-old Ericka from Kuya Ricky and Joan) and a nephew. What a joy!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Meeting the Family

I was telling him to, and after months, he finally had.

The original plan was for a whole day. But then, things do happen. I was supposed to meet him at 3pm but he asked for 3:30. Yup, I was not pleased at this. Anyway, he arrived early and I was late due to the traffic though I estimated my travel time to be only 10 minutes, that turned out to be around 30 minutes. By 4pm we were on our way. My house was just 20 kms from Manila but we got home around past 6pm. Reason: traffic.

Upon arrival, we had snacks and he met my mother and my younger sister. After a little conversation, we had to hear the anticipated mass. Got home by dinner time and he met my father. My youngest sister was not there.

Though quick, it was definitely fine and he's okay with my parents

So there goes...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hectic yet Fulfilling

SMB happened last Saturday and Sunday. Assembly time was 6am yet

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post scripts

What better way to serve than to be with the people you consider special?

We arrived at the camp site Friday night. We had some discussions regarding service, life, and love. We slept at past 2am!

Saturday morning, no water. We managed to take a bath though, in another house three blocks from the school, which is our camp site.

The night was young but we had a battle to fight. We won with God's grace.
Sunday morning. Still no water. After the activity, we hope to leave by 2pm to attend The Feast. It was not possible since the service team were not yet through cleaning the area. Meanwhile, we played piko (hopscotch), the "puso" version.

It was 5pm when we were able to leave the place. I had to drop my things at his place and he still has to dress up for the mass at SDP. We heard the 6pm mass then went off to our respective household meetings. At 10 pm my household was over. I forgot to text him that it was through so I sent him a message that I was already downstairs. A few more texts and he said that he could not leave his household but I did not react. He came a few minutes later. He got my things and walked me to the jeepney stop. He told me he could not bring me home. I was disapponted but I did not show it. Instead I wished that there would be no ride for me I asked God if 15 minutes is too much. Later, he asked me to take a cab instead and I told him that Meanne was hoping that he'd bring me honme. A few minutes later a cab stopped by and he was with me.

Pray and believe. Ü

This is It!

The battle lines were drawn.

October 27, 2006
Talk 9 at Tatalon's CLP

November 3-5, 2006
Youth camp for SIGA Youth for Christ

It was so nioce and sweet to see the fruits of Joe's labor with SIGA (since I am for SAGIP). I witnessed how our "children" made the crossover with the other participants. We were there as mere observers and to guide the service team. Happy!

Empowered. Show of force and unity. Different people, different attitudes, yet received one God.

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

October 28-29, 2006

What could it be?

It spoke of virtues, details that I would not be revealing here. There were games. The atmosphere was great, The place was peaceful, at the Franciscan missionaries of May convent in Tagaytay. Food was abounty.

It made an impact of me...to always live in God's image and remember His love, and share it to others.

Two Days

October 21, 2006

SIGA Educational Field Trip

The Orchidarium-It contains the butterfly pavilion, lots of flowers and two Indian pythons, one that we had contact with.

The National Museum-Since I was in gradeschool, I have often passed by this building. Thus, when I had the opportunity, I did not let it pass. On display were the Treasures of San Diego, a galleon ship, the Filipino heritage, and Chinese paintings.

The Manila Zoo-Nothing much changed, except that the place has not yet fully recovered from Milenyo, and some animals were already dead.

Fort Santiago-The Mi Ultimo Adios that was written on the floor has been changed to something else. The train was gone. Still it was beautiful despite dead fish in the fish pond.

We stayed at Rizal Park to play some games and left at 7:30 pm. We learned at lot!

October 22, 2006

Youth Camp FAcilitators' Training

It was held at the Parks and Wildlife. While waiting for the others I decided to doze off under a tree (typical me).

What made these days special? I was with him. ÜÜÜ Plus the fact that we were able to share these things with our younger brothers and sisters in GK SIGA.