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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Read This and Watch It

Posted in email and friendster Bulletin Board July 26, 2004

As anyone of you might have expected it, I watched the film ÒImeldaÓ

It was wonderful, although I presume the epilogue was a bit more than exaggerated.

When she met my inspiration, no one else than Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, it was love at first sight. The fact that they belong to the richest and most powerful families in the country added to the speculation that it was just a marriage for convenience.

How true, yet one can only attest to the loyalty they had on each other, even up to now.

Yes, Imelda was glamorous, fashionable, and beautiful. She was a role model. So what if she goes to the slums wearing expensive shoes, clothes, and jewelry? As she put it, they need a star. Besides, how can you influence people to transform and improve their lives if you yourself are not a good example? Perhaps, that may be vague. LetÕs say in a class there are no honor students, WhoÕs going to study if thereÕs no competition at all?

Yes, they led lives that were beyond comparison. Imelda belonged to one of the 10 richest women in the world. That was just okay, since she is the First Lady, and please, it took them 20 years to accumulate their wealth while Marcos was President, excluding the wealth their family already have. What about today? Arroyo is here to stay until 2010, yet her husband has been involved in a lot of questionable transactions, isnÕt yet?

The people before were very disciplined. What I liked most was the curfew. Less evil elements in the streets. Compare it to the present world. Here, there, later, a while ago, all places are filled with people who cannot be identified as either responsible citizens or crooks. But of course, some, instead o f going home early, stayed in pubs till the wee hours of the morning, when they can defy being caught. Martial Law is not wicked. It helped people gain discipline.

What about public works? San Juanico bridge was constructed, NCLEX and SLEX and a lot more.

We were at par with the worldÕs finest with CCP and PICC. Not to mention the Manila Film Center which is not being used today, because of the belief that spirits haunt it. These were the works of Imelda. She was a world ambassador of the Philippines, her beloved child.

Did you mention her shoes? WhatÕs wrong with having a lot of shoes if you use them? Being a diplomat, everything must be coordinated with your clothes. Do you not spend time deciding which would go with what? She either bought it, or they came as a gift. To cite a real life example, I like books. Therefore, the most ideal gift for me are books! She claimed she had 3000 pairs, and after their exile. She wonders what Corazon Aquino did to them

Benigno Aquino SrÕs assassin is still at large. Who killed him? Definitely not them, even though they had different leadership beliefs. You need other peopleÕs opinions to improve something. I have my theory. They were the ones who are envious of Ninoy because they know that he is greater. Two of them are much alive and active today. IÕm talking about Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. They should have not gotten Sergio Osme–a IIIÕs side, but how will you improve something if thereÕs no critic? Add spice! Sergio Osme–a II belonged to the ambitious people who were not favored by Marcos, because he was not capable of good service.

Let us talk about the economy. The exchange rate at its poorest was Php2 = $1, Marcos regime. With Aquino, it decreased to Php10. Then with Ramos, Php25. People were protesting if it would increase from Php28 to Php30 in Estrada administration. Of course, during the impeachment, it further decreased to Php50. Now, still under the Arroyo administration, 56.014 as of this morning.

We are an overpopulated country. More people, more poverty, mire illiteracy for a third world country. Imelda proactively endorsed birth control methods. The Church and thus the beginning an increase in population dictated Aquino.

Yes, almost 3,000 people leave the country to become immigrants of other countries or to work as OFWs. Arroyo promised a million jobs or more. We should have asked, where? What? As entertainers? As teachers? As caregivers? Domestic helpers? Nurses? We have a running joke in the family. Arroyo visited Hong Kong and exclaimed ÒWow, dati isang daan lang kayo, ngayon libo libo! (Wow, before there were only a hundred of you, now there are thousands!): Due to lack of employment opportunities.

Luckily, I was not able to hear the SONA today. I can criticize it tomorrow.

Who can make this nation great for the third time?


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