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Saturday, September 11, 2004

the ordeal

Ahhh, the pains of creating a website. I have been wanting to create one since college days, but the soul is not willing. I have viewed as a complicated task, that is why I have entrusted it to the master...(now I have no idea what happened to the edited website...the first one was fine, although there was a lot of comments that it was so simple that even a gradeschooler can do that, said other people...I'm shutting up about who said that).

I have no idea when I will be through with this. I mean, these javascripts are entirely alien to me. I do not understand them. Fortunately, I can learn.Oh great one grant me knowledge and wisdom about this matter. I also use a pagebuilder, and my friend suggested deamweaver, but I am content with what I have now.

I'll tell you when I am through with this ordeal.


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