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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Life is Complicated

I absent myself from work last Tuesday. I was sick and I had to pass my school reports, plus get community tax certificate and have my check-up. Kinda hectic.

As I was going home, I saw a dog with 2 hind legs. I have to emphasize two hind legs, because he had no front legs. I thought he suffered from some accident then I learned it could be inborn. He seemed happy.

Walking along the street, I saw a man...an insane man. Like all insane, he was talking to himself. He was arguing and answering himself. That is when it occured to me, I am living a complicated life.

My life is complicated. I have dreams yet to be realized. I have problems at work regarding work attitude and the work itself. I have concerns regarding my family. I am troubled over school. Plus the fact that I am preoccupied with SFC. However, I have no love life. Sheesh.

That night, surprises of surprises. I was asked to be the sharer for the CLP . It wasn't really me, it was supposed to be another sister, who left for the province already. I really didn't know what to say. I could utter the wrong words. All through the talk, I listened to Rain so that I will get what he wants to share. I also prayed.

True enough, miracle of miracles. God gave me the words of love and wisdom. Yeah, I did utter that my life is complicated - due to service, family, school and work. I omitted love life intentionally. Jean thought I was going for it, but I had to control myself.

Loving your neighbor. I am not a master of that act. But yes, I did love, and still love, unconditionally.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ultiamte satisfaction Hug

Got this from jam

1. find a victim. (friends are best suited targets for this exercise)

2. move in on target and approach with your right/left arm higher than your left/right arm streched. (this maneuver is highly recommended if the huggee and the hugger are of about the same or equal height)

3. place higher arm somewhere between target's nape and shoulder and other arm somewhere below other arm, preferably somewhere at the back of target's waist.

4. target now should instinctively mimic you.

5. hug away. give target a warm squeeze. but mind you not too tight. (rubbing and back patting optional)

6. linger.

7. un-hug. walk away and smile. :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Worthwhile Coffee

Last night, I intended to skip our household meeting, with a very special purpose of course. I asked permission from Cathy who said that I should discern. I made up my mind. I had an early dinner then by 7:30 I was out of the house.

I got into a jeepney soon. No traffic. The travel was good. There were only few people on the streets. Once again, I was awed by the lights on McArthur bridge - bright lighting coming from the lampposts, renovated by the ever-stringent Mayor Alfredo Lim. I wish I bought my camera. I remember Kay wanted to take pictures of that.

Entering Intramuros, La Intendencia stood abandoned yet painted. It was maintained the way I last saw it. It was supposed to be National Archives, National Treasury and whatever the government wants it to be. Yet it remained untouched. For centuries it became a landmark.

I walked towards Starbucks. The floor layout of the tables have changed. Settled between the walls, I chose a checkerboard design table, as I thought that would enhance my wit as I did my papers. I had a venti caramel mocha. As usual, even if I dictated how to spell my name, it was wrong - Ardiythe. It took me more than 2 hours to finish my coffee. Inside, I remember a lot of things. The times I reviewed there for my french classes, the moments that I spent with special people, and a very special man. It was kinda refreshing and that contributed to the thoughts running through my mind as I was ruling out dairy processing and the nutritional surveillance in Bangladesh.

By 11pm, I knew I had to go home. I went out and saw people who were already there to arrange the morning papers - tabloids and broadsheets. I was a little scared because it was dark and the streets were almost empty. I waited for either jeep or cab but there was only one. Fx taxis on their way to Sucat was frequent. Then it dawned on me that late at night, I would be having a hard time going home, unless I chose another route or take a cab. I proceeded to walk towards Lawton. I was reminded that I always pray when I used to live there and walk from Letran to where I stayed. There were quiet a few people that also walked, one of them seemed to not know where to go, so he just followed suit. I still saw the lights that either turn on or off when I pass by. I know they were there to remind me that I am once again, walking along the lighted streets of Intramuros while savoring memories and the air. The walls which were built almost 400 years ago, a witness to many scenes and events. The walls which served as the protectors from invaders, and also as jails, baluartes, and cannon-shooting points. The walls where I spent my childhood and some parts of my high school and after college. The walls that I used to walk beside it with someone that I love.

I could bring my camera and tripod the next time I go back. To cherish priceless moments forever.

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