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Monday, February 28, 2005


I will be in our Makati office, a warehouse of computer parts, on Wednesday. I should be there tomorrow but I still have to turn over some things here, and finish other tasks too.

Bad news: 24/7. My French classes are at stake. Darn. I told them before but the person concerned did not know it. Things are just so sudden!

Worse: I will be working on a Sunday. I value that day so much due to religious beliefs.

We will be wearing our office uniform next week. Will that mean I have to store my 4-week wardrobe for a while? Hmmm.There are still Saturdays and Sundays (ugh).

I hopeI can start my classes next session. This has been pending for two months now. That means mssing modules already.

Good news: I have more time and money to replenish what I spent in the ILC for my braces.

More bad news: Missing my breakfast and eating home-cooked lunch. So unme. I never miss breakfast and I love whatever is cooked in our house, primarily because I am assured that it is hygienic, safe, nutrititious, delicious, and definitley no MSG. But if I will be working at 6am, then oh no, I would not want to bother my parents to have them ready at 4am.

I wish....I hope, and I fervently pray...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

BTR Manifesto

While it is a pleasure to communicate various issues with the general public, it is unfortunate that this manifesto is about dissatisfaction and dismay. Much to our desire to avoid taking the subject of this humble piece to the attention of everybody, we, officials and employees of the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) could not help submitting this due to the urgency of the matter and its serious effect on the capital market in particular and the whole national economy in general.

In case the public does not know it yet, we would like to inform all women and men from all walks of life that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is divesting the BTr of the electronic record of scripless debt of the republic. Ruled as legal by the Department of Justice, the divestment is in favour of the fixed income exchange (FIE) and third party custodians comprising of six big boys in the banking industry Ð five foreign banks (HSBC, Citibank, etc.) and one local bank (BPI). (One day after the ruling, the DOJ secretary washed hands saying the BTr may appeal.)

It might as well be told that with the transfer of the governmentÕs fiscal agency function to the BTr from the defunct Central Bank of the Philippines by virtue of RA 7653 (New Central Bank Act), the Philippine financial market witnessed the advent of scripless securities. This ushered in a dramatic shift from paper certificates of Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds to scripless (or paperless) electronically-auctioned and electronically-recorded government debt. Through scripless securities the government did away with the safekeeping, inventory, handling, transporting, and disposal of physical treasury certificates. The government saves big amount of money through scripless securities.

It is imperative for government to retain its own record of debt as basis for service and redemption. Relegating this record to private parties such as FIE (meaning ÒshameÓ in the dictionary) and third party custodians is dereliction from sovereign duty. With this, the BTr saw to it that the electronic systems of auctioning (ADAPS Ð Automated Debt Auction Processing System) and recording government debt (RoSS Ð Registry of Scripless Securities) are powerful and have very great capacity to accommodate individual accounts and ready for real time gross settlement. Moreover, the systems reduce international securities identification number (ISIN) in the market for easy trade and pricing, a welcome development for convenient securities trading in the domestic and foreign markets. But all of these gains would come to nothing with BSPÕs imprudent move, which they call capital market reform. How can a reform be called as such when it is retrogressive, when it will just take the capital market back to the era of private sector schemes that have defrauded many? It was before ADAPS and RoSS that multiple sales of securities happened (1993), depriving the government of so much fund that was paid in redeeming same securities sold several times, such fund loss a telling blow to the national budget. But with the innovative systems installed at the BTr, the Treasury put an end to recurring money market scams, risks and inefficiencies in trade, thereby considerably reducing governmentÕs cost of borrowing.

And here come the FIE and third party custodians bent on implementing a substitute for the systems operating at the BTr for almost 10 years now, systems that were built by our very own and beloved BTr, harnessing and mustering the intellectual and physical resources of its officials and employees without even the slightest help from the BSP. Granting but not admitting that the proposed system of BSP etal is at par with ADAPS and RoSS, the cost it would entail the government to shoulder is beyond justification. Since securities dealers to be served by the FIE and third party custodians have to pay the necessary fee of about P32 billion per month (based on P2 trillion domestic debt) against RoSSÕ fee of P700 thousand per month, they (dealers) have no other recourse but to pass the imputed cost on the government in the form of higher bids at every auction of treasury bills and treasury bonds.

And yet the BSP is calling those opposing the custodianship scheme as defender of the status quo, insulting the sacred battle cry of both historical and contemporary political protesters. But we agree and even enjoy to be called by that euphemism because we are indeed defending the present status of RoSS and ADAPS Ð efficient, accurate, safe and economical. One final thing is sure. While the third party custodians are ÒexecutivelyÓ salivating as they reap the fruits of their opportunism, the people are being subjected to so much suffering and miseries, victims of the harsh policy outcome of the whole deceptive undertaking.// BTr Officials and employees

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The ILC Experience

February 18, 2005. This was the first time I'll be riding an airplane. The Cebu Pacific flight is from Manila to Kalibo. I was given a window seat. A few seconds after we took off, we were with the clouds and the structures on land looked like those in models. After the demonstration of the life jacket and oxygen mask wearing, we played a guess the title of the song. We were given C2 and 2 Magic flakes for snacks. Newspapers were also distributed but I did not bother to read because I was too busy staring at the mountains and seas below. About noon, we arrived in Kalibo and I took a van going to Caticlan. There were no sights to see, but I noticed that there was a major lack of road signs. Actually, the only road signs that I saw were those indication how far the next town is. There were lots of curves and dangerous areas, and the driver made much use of his van's horn to warn other vehicles of an approaching vehicle. I arrived in Caticlan around 2pm. From there, we took a boat to the island of Boracay. The port was so clean that I could see the fingerling. The waves brushed against my face and it was fun to see other boats and windsurfers. I kept texting Evan, Alvin, and Joe. Around 15 minutes later, I was already in Boracay. Evan fetched me from the port of Station 3. Alvin stayed at another resort near us. We met Myra and the first thing that I asked her if Edge (Adrian) joined too. They saw each other but did not speak with one anther. We rested upon arriving because the conference will be starting at 7:30 pm. Around 3, the Latino dancers were already dressing up because they have to be in the conference site at 6. We left at 6:30. I forgot my ID. One unit head called another delegate from our chapter and she was able to obtain my ID from my bag. Melvin stayed with me while waiting for them. Dyopps later told me that Evan was almost into tears because she thought I might be lost. She cannot cry because that would ruin her make-up for the Latino. After Dyopps and Oneal escorted me to our area, we had supper, no meat of course, since it was a Lenten Friday. Then the conference started with a praise fest and talk 1 ( I am forgetful of the titles of the talk but the messages are clear in my head). Then we had the competition of Latino, SFC Pop idol (corny but I voted for NCR candidate) and reggae nights. Well of course I favored our chapter West B because they were really good and I know how hard they worked for this, practicing every night since the third week of January, and coming up with a lot of fundraising activities. Other contestants were also good, and some, according to Adrian, were nuisance candidates. He even predicted that we would win, he told me the Sunday night.

February 19
In the morning the Amazing Race started at 6am. Around 9, we had the praisefest and after that the competitions. Beach volleyball was held simultaneously with triangular tug of war and sand sculpture. In the tug of war we were able to reach the finals but the contenders from Oceania were stronger and more strategic. Our sculpture was fine but when I saw Iloilo's, it was better. While we were watching volleyball Jun asked me if I saw him. I replied I don't care. I enjoyed the clear water of Boracay as they were busy making the sculpture and the sea is so clear that I can still see my feet even if the water level is up to my shoulders. The sand was exquisite. It was noon and our feet do not get burned from the sand!

As I was browsing for white pants and some pasalubong I bumped into Adrian. He asked when I arrived, I said yesterday and they were already going back to their resort. He said "See you around" and I waved "Bye." Evan said that I did not even register any expression nor emotion.

We are supposed to wear an all-white or white and khaki for the anticipated mass. In the evening, talk 2 started and I began texting Adrian, because some sand got into the lens or viewfinder of my camera (courtesy of Melvin). I guess we are already on good terms. In reality, I was already fine years ago, but I know he was not. Then talk 3. This time I was on my way to dreamland. I just cannot help it. Talk 4, I was quite awake. We were given 100% pure ballers. Then the awarding ceremonies. Aside from Latino, we also won the biggest delegation, with 81!. Others include most inspirational delegate (Iloilo, they joined a lantern competition and if they win, they would use the money and they also had Christmas carolling) and most organized (I think it was Batangas). Party was just starting and of course, as expected, Alvin would be on stage. But the party was not that successful because of the music. Reggae is not in our blood.

We left at 8:30 am for Caticlan and by 10:30 we were on our way to Roxas, where the 29 of us will be taking Superferry 2. (Southwest tours should have organized our buses but it was Alvin who was negotiating for our ride) We had our lunch around 2pm. Boarding at around 4 and before 5 we left Roxas.

After napping it was time for supper. Then sleep again. I texted Adrian that I need some help in cleaning my cam at 7 pm but he only woke up while I was asleep. Then he cleaned my cam and we talked of more things that could rekindle our friendship. And other things that could make us wonder about life, the universe, and other quantities of matter around us.

We arrived in Manila at 8am just after we had our breakfast. I told Gayds that I'll be at the other part but she forgot to tell Alvin. Subsequent to some discussion with Day, Adrian, and other mission workers, I was surprised that we were already getting down. Naturally Alvin was frantic.

Then home. I had a lot of chores to do that I almost forgot to get my passport, but I was able to do it.

I did not come to Boracay to purely enjoy but for the conference. I can come back anytime to partake more of the beauty and delights that the island has to offer.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Saying them right

Everyday can turn out to be an irritating moment if I hear someone I know or do not know and speaks these ways:

Eight o one (8:01)- Puhleeze. Please. It is said as "eight one". We only use "o" if it is by the hour, like "eight o' clock" which means eighth hour of the clock. The same applies for all hours and the minutes from one to nine.

Feb- can they say February instead? I hear this even on TV. It sounds so agitating that I can almost throw the book on my sister's head if she says it that way. As for my other sister...

Nov-For Pete's sake, it is November! How about September, October, November, December. Aug?

Wed-Wednesday. Just imagine saying Friday as a monosyllabic word! Sat is also a no-no.

So next time I hear you, don't be offended if I butt in. Try to use English properly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It hurts so bad, it hurts so fine

Those were the words I remember saying yesterday.

CJ confessed that he and our friend has been a couple for a month now. This is fine with me. She did not know the thing between him and me, and they argued when she found out. But all of us are friends. Supposedly. I am happy for them, but something in me cringes.

Pain can only be inflicted to those who want to get hurt.

The dates

I was supposed to have three dates last Valentine's day. One with class Papa, one with SFC, and obe woth my friends. I chose class Papa. But there were only two of us and I did not see Dyna, though we kept texting each other and we were just around the vicinity. All the rest who confirmed did not even pop up. I know I was late because of the traffic but they could have at least told me. I waited till 9 and I saw Julius Babao. That was the only consolation I got.

Then I proceeded to UST for SFC. God must have been jealous and He must be punishing me for choosing the class over him, since it was an orientaion for the CLP. How guilty can I get?

Anyway, I only spent fare. My supper was for free...at my house of course. I also had some snacks at UST. hahaha.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

wHat iLL goTten weaLth?

They say the Marcoses stole billions of money from the Philippines. I don't believe it. They invested it in lots of projects. So far, through the years, the succeeding administrations have been trying to prove and get back these so called wealth. They succeded.

Now they are complaining that the people whose human rights were violated do not get enough. How much do they want anyway? And Bongbong is right, so damn correct, that it is not their responsibility anymore to monitor how these are dispersed. I am definitely and one hundred one percent sure, that it will not be equal...corruption. Who are these people anyway and how were they affected? Are they still alive or dead? What if they are using fallacaious names in order to get the amount allocated for the individual and the bereaved family, if the responsible person is already deceased. Those who opposed the Marcos were not really that good. They just cannot stand it that He is better than them, because he was able to make this country great. It was Php2=$1!

So how are they different from the Marcoses? They are worse. We are all cheaters. Even I. Now can you tell me how honest are you?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Think again

The call center job. Tough job. Night shift. Only 5% passes.

That was last year.

Now the passing rate is 2%.

And if you still think that the call center job is for no-brainers, think again. We handle different softwares at the same time and talk to the customer as well. Imaging 7 softwares.

We don't earn Php14-19K for nothing.

Got a foreign language? Well, my mom's friend negotiated Php40K! She knows Italian.

And I am definitely going back to the call center industry, coz this job sucks and is so boring. Need I say I am underpaid ie below minimum? So what if this is just a walking distance from my house?

Oh, I can have other opportunities aside from the call center. †

And We Thought It was Easy

We have been climbing Mount Makiling for years, especially as UPLB students, and it would be a loss iof we graduate without reaching Peak 2, the highest part of the legendary mountain. Up the mountain, it will take you only four hours, and the presence of linta or limatik (bloodsuckers and I was lucky I did not encounter them). Going down is only two hours.

Yet accidents can happen.

From Today:
Physician dies in bid to climb Makiling

TODAY Reporter

A member of the Philippine Heart Center Mountaineering Club (PHCMC) was killed while climbing Mt. Makiling on Sunday afternoon after reportedly slipping on rain-soaked soil and tumbling down a steep ravine.

The body of Dr. Rimando Pimentel, 49, was airlifted to Manila Monday morning by an Air Force (PAF) helicopter from sitio San Bartolome, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Besides Rimando, three other members of the PHCMC ascended Mt. Makiling on Saturday in an attempt to cross the 3,642-foot mountain from Batangas to the Laguna side.

PAF spokesman, Col. Resty Padilla, identified the three others as Lolita Ramos, 53; Jun Tominis, 31; and Frenzel Bawaan, 20.

Tominis, who accompanied the body of Rimando to Villamor Air Base, told the media that the victim slipped in the soft soil and came tumbling down a ravine, apparently hitting a rock.

His ÒbuddyÓ Lolita Ramos also slipped but luckily, she got entangled in a tree that arrested her fall.

It was Tominis -- who was trailing behind them -- that came down the slope to find Rimando, unconscious but breathing although blood was seen coming out of the head and mouth.

He shouted to Ramos to ask for help and she dialed 117, the interior and local governmentÕs rescue team, including some of her friends.

Other mountaineering groups, such as the Mozart Mountaineers, also got the message and they alerted the authorities in Los Ba–os.

The message was eventually relayed to the 505th Search and Rescue Group at 6:30 p.m. but since it was already dark, the flight was rescheduled to Monday morning.

Monday, parajumpers and paramedics from the 505th under Maj. Arnold Constantino took off and linked up with the ground rescue team that eventually led them to the area where Rimando was taken.

It was the Los Ba–os Safety and Engineering Team, Inc and other volunteers that recovered RimandoÕs body and brought it to the Batangas side.

According to Tominis, their group started their ascent at the Almeda Farm, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

However, the climbers failed to locate a trail that would have led them to their destination and instead blazed their own trail and finally stopped under a giant Balete tree around 7 p.m. where they spent the night.

The next day, the four continued their climb and reached Mt. MakilingÕs peak at 2 p.m.

When they descended to the eastern side, they again failed to find the trail that would lead them to the UP College in Los Banos, so they decided to return to Batangas.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sa Moog


Kagabi habang hinahanap ko kung saan magpupulong ang unit naming, may dalawang kabataan akong nakausap.

G: Ate anong course mo?
A: Nutrition.
G: Ano HRM?
A: Hindi Nutrition.
G: Anong nutrition? Nutrition lang?
A: Oo parang nutrition and dietetics (gusto kong sabihin sa kanya na premed course ito).
G: Halimbawa may boyfriend ka tapos nakabuntis sya, anong gagawin mo?
A (ngingiti): Ang hirap naman noon.
G: Masama ba yun?
A: Masama ang premarital sex.
G: Eh paano kung nangyari na?
A: Teka yung boyfriend nakabuntis ng iba na hindi niya girlfriend?
G: Hindi, girlfriend nya yung nabuntis nya.
A: E di magpakasal sila kung stable na sila.
G: Eh kung hindi pa pwede, kanino mapupunta yung bata?
A: Sa nanay (di ko na sinabi na kasi kailangan ng breastfeeding).
B: Eh paano kung nagpipills?
A: Bakit pa magpipills eh buntis na nga?
B: Hindi ba mapipigilan yun?
A: Ano parang abort? Hindi na.
A: Confirmed na ba yan?
B: Mga ilang days pa lang.
A: Pero sigurado na?
B: Oo kasi delayed na daw yung period
A: Baka nga meron na pero confirm muna.
B: Meron na pero maliit na maliit pa.
A: Eh di ituloy na kaysa naman iabort pa kasi mas mali yun di ba?
A: Saka okay lang na ituloy yun kasi kahit nga mga doctor sinasabi na may mga buntis na nakikipagintercourse pa. Pwede naman yun. Walang mangyayari sa bata.
B: Hindi na talaga kailangan magpills?
A; Hindi na.
(Nakita ko si Evan.)
E: Uy Ards! Kanina ka pa?
A: Oo Nasaan kayo?
E: Doon.
A: Nge Akala ko may practice yun.
A: Kasi may tanong sila.
B: Kung buntis tapos nagpipills, may mangyayari ba?
E: Bakit pa? Hindi ba may epekto yun? MayÉ
A: Psychological effect.
E: Oo yun nga. Wag na kasi ang first trimester napakadelikado niyan eh.
B: Wala pa namang three months, days pa lang.
E: Less than three months, e di kasama pa din sa first trimester
B: Kahit days pa lang?
A: Oo.
G: Ganoon, sige salamat ha?
A: Sige.