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Friday, October 29, 2004

At midnight

I watched MMK at ABS-CBN last week, Thursday night, and its continuation last night. Their feature was no other else than my idol, Miriam Defensor Santiago. Her life was unknown to a lot of people, even me. I did not see her caring side, as a mother, as a wife, as a model child and sister. Yo think that she was so near me all those years that she was the Immigration Commissioner (just a few minutes of walk away).

Miriam is a model of determination and courage. She never feared for her life, but for her loved ones. She did everything to please her parents and to attain her dreams She has served the country for so many years. We are all aware that the country is in shambles and after every administration, sinks deeper and deeper into poverty. Yet she never left it for the sake of greener pastures.

In most ways I am like her. I have woeld wide dreams. I know I am not that intelligent. I am a carefree person but I seek of ways to fulfill my aspirations. I also believe in the power of the ALMIGHTY.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Little Monster

Her name is Marichu but we call her Wowie. She lives in the store beside our house. Wowie is just four years old. She calls me ate and my sister Yaya, though her nickname is Eya. She comes to our house even before I get up. She eats breakfast with us and leaves only when I go out.. In the evening she returns and does a lot of things with us...play, eat supper with me, my sister, and our mom, watch TV. She likes to wear my shoes and carry my bag, as she pretends that she is a working mom. She goes home when she is called or when we are about to sleep. Sometimes she has tantrums but we do not tolerate it. Also, she is obedient. Wowie is a good girl and I believe she'll grow to be a beautiful lady, in and out, one day.

The Shallow Side

I have another website for my poems. During all these years, my poems are written in a notebook. This time, I will share it to other people. I have labeled it The Shallow Side , because sometimes they are written in an impulse. I have also noticed that they lack the passion. Maybe because I express my feelings more emotionally in real life. Still, in time, I can improve.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Corruption in the Military

Title has been chosen with respect to Antonio Trillanes's paper in Public Administration (UP Diliman, he was my dad's classmate) This has been going on for years, and somehow, it is still here....

From Today,

Solons get Garcia to 'own' $.1M in US note

TODAY Senior Reporter

It was a perfectly laid trap and controversial Major Gen. Carlos Garcia fell for it.

Kabalikat ng Masang Pilipino Rep. Roilo Golez of Para–aque City finally got Garcia into admitting that he had written officials in the United States claiming ownership of the $100,000 seized by US Customs authorities from two of his sons in December and asking that the money be returned to him.

Golez, chairman of the Committee on National Defense investigating Garcia and the alleged corruption in the Armed Forces, led Garcia into admitting his having written the Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Office of the US Customs in San Francisco, California, by asking a series of questions pertaining to his personal circumstances and family.

Golez first asked about Garcia's wife and sons, and in all these questions, Garcia gave definite answers. He told the panel that his wife, Clarita, is an American citizen, a registered nurse in California, and that she now manages the family farm in Dumangas, Iloilo.

Garcia said he has three sons 'Juan Paolo, Ian Carl and Timothy Mark' who are all studying. He said the youngest, Timothy Mark, studies in the US' at Parson's School in New York' and lives in an apartment in the area.

When Golez asked him who pays for his son's schooling, Garcia said his brother-in-law, Quillon Depakakibo, paid for the first semester. He said his brother-in-law works in Guam.

Garcia may not have noticed it, but the stipulations made by Golez were lifted from the contents of Garcia?s letter to US authorities dated January 12, 2004. And he suceeded in tricking Garcia into admitting the existence of the said letter, which he refused to verify during the panel's hearing on Monday.

In that said meeting, Garcia kept his mouth shut about his alleged unexplained wealth and invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination at least 30 times.

Golez then asked Garcia: 'But that [Garcia's statement that his brother-in-law paid for his son's schooling] does not seem to conform with your letter.?

To this Garcia remarked: 'You honor, that is not the intent of the letter.' Golez then asked: 'Do you mean I have misread your letter? Garcia replied: 'The support of my brother-in-law is not total, it's only a contribution to my son?s schooling.'

Golez told Garcia that he did not mention in his letter that the money was intended as additional support for his son's schooling. Garcia replied that he would have that information checked. Golez then asked if he was virtually confirming the contents of his letter, Garcia tried to wiggle out by saying: 'I'm sorry you honor, I cannot testify against myself.?

Golez said Garcia can no longer feign ignorance about the letter since he previously categorically answered questions directly related to the said document.

In an interview later, Golez said the letter is significant as it establishes clearly that Garcia owns the $100,000 seized by the US Customs and that he explained in that letter how he got the money and where he intends to spend it.

'I am writing your good office in reference to my sons ' Juan Paolo and Ian Carl' request for petition for relief from the seizure of funds,' Garcia said in his letter.

'Sir/Madam, the amount of money seized from my sons were sourced from the savings of my personal income, honorariums and allowances and dividends from capital contributions earned and saved through the years. I judiciously spend for our family expenses and sustenance and in order to saved [sic] for education of my children. Request for your kind understanding and favorable disposition on the case of my sons. With highest esteem,' Garcia said.

He also told the US Customs that besides being a major general in the Armed Forces, he was the J6 (Armed Forces Comptroller) and the concurrent director of the Armed Forces Retirement and Separation Benefits System (RSBS); trustee of the Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loan Association Inc.; chairman of the board, Monterosa Development Corp., an AFP-RSBS subsidiary; director, R&R Travel Tours, an Armed Forces General Insurance Corp. subsidiary; and chairman of the board, Camp Aguinaldo Golf Council.

Garcia said that he requested his sons to bring the $100,000 intended for the payment of the 'initial down payment of the condominium apartment my son Timothy Mark will reside; tuition and registration fees for the school year 2004 of my son Timothy Mark at Parson's School, New York, and family expenses for the holiday seasons, which we intend to spend in New York.'

He said that he failed to advise his sons regarding the declaration of the money to the US Customs.

Tuesday's public hearing zeroed in on the alleged rampant practice of ?conversion? in the Armed Forces, but like Garcia, the top military officials' lips were sealed.

Congressmen grilled Maj. Gen. Antonio Anciano, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics or J4, but the latter insisted that he has no knowledge about conversion and that he cannot confirm if such practice had been occurring.

'I don't know of any conversion that happened,' Anciano told the committee.

Golez insisted that in the previous hearing, the Vice Chief of Staff, Vice Adm. Ariston delos Reyes, testified that conversion happens at the General Headquarters and in all major services?Army, Navy and Air Force.

He again asked Anciano if conversion occurs, and asked him to give examples. Anciano said that conversion' can happen [in] certain circumstances,' and that he can only venture into giving 'hypothetical example.'

His statements drew sarcastic remarks from Golez and other committee members, who found it hard to believe that Anciano could only imagine things and cannot cite examples based on reality.

Golez then called on retired Brig. Gen. Guillermo Picache, who had written a book about corruption in the country, including that in the military.

Picache, who founded the private think tank Asian Institute of Strategic Studies, cited a classic case of conversion in the military, wherein funds intended for the purchase of gasoline are converted into cash, which are then diverted to other expenses that had no bearing with the military's official duties and responsibilities.

Picache said another case is on the procurement of supplies and materials. 'A unit is allocated funds to buy, say, three dental chairs. The papers are prepared and in the presence of the resident auditor, the first chair is delivered and presented for inspection. When the auditor makes his verification and leaves, the chair is brought out of camp, and it's the same chair that goes around [for inspection and verification by resident auditors in other units]. The same chair is presented as the second and third chairs acquired,' Picache said.

In reality, only one chair is delivered but the money paid is for three dental chairs. Picache said that 30 percent to 50 percent of the whole amount is converted into commission. He said there were instances when there is 100 percent ?ghost delivery.?

'Conversion is like thievery' first you steal the eggs, then the chickens, then pigs and cows. It escalates,? Picache said.

It does not matter anymore if the joke about PMA is true. Sometimes, I think it is. Now, the question is, will this ever end? The impeachment trail is not finished, Neither is the case about the First gentleman. They are only good at the start, and then nothing comes out of it. The justice in our country is that bad, that there is no justice at all. Or should I say that the judicial system itself is corrupt. We are aware of the torture that those in prison endure, so that those policemen can get them to admit the crimes that they are not involved with. I think that the session in court are too humane, that these people do not speak at all, or have a right to invoke my privacy, to quote from Iggy Arroyo.

I watch and read the news for current affairs, and sometimes it bores me. The same stories with different characters. My brain is bursting with much hate for the administration and its corroding system. What hope is left for us, if in UP, we already stage demonstrations for what we think is right. I should be honest enough to admit that I did not join those things...as I have my own beliefs, and one of them is that the school admin knows better. As I child I have opened my eyes.

If only more people will be like me, yearning and making this nation better, then, paradise is with us.


Gosh, I went to hear the mass this morning, and did not drop any coins during the offertory. I was certain that I only have Php2.00. So after the mass, I rode a jeep, and discovered that my wallet was missing. I have left it at home. While in the jeep, I was searching frantically in my bag, but to no avail. Sensing that my get-off point is near, I told the driver, "Mama, nakalimutan ko po yung wallet ko." (Mr. Driver, I forgot my wallet). He asked, "Bababa ka?" (Are you getting off?) I replied "Opo." (Yes). Like, that is really where I was supposed to get off. I live near my office. In fact it is a walking distance. Duh...I forgot to thank Mr. Driver...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I'm so like Lisa!

I'm Lisa, who are you? by Lexi

I got this from Alekos

We can also take the Quiz

Monday, October 18, 2004

file extensions

You are .pdf Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.
Which File Extension are You?

You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.
Which OS are You?

I got these from Nikki

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Street soccer

I was at WOW last night and my friends and I bought some chocolates and talked a little. While we were there, we watched a game of street soccer and since one of them was scared that we might be hit by the ball. Of course after we talked and they left, I resumed to watching the games. There were 5 teams: Don Bosco United, FEU Justice, PCCR, Marist, and uhmmm I forgot the other one. Don Bosco and FEU, during the finals, were in a tight game. They both scored 4-4, so they were entitled to three penalty kicks. Since they were still tie after 2 kicks, it was followed by a 7 more kicks. with Don Bosco emerging as the champion for NCR.

Watch the coverage on ABC 5 on October 22, 4 pm. The National Finals will be in Cebu. The date was not yet given.

Street soccer is a nice sport, but the goal keepers do not have this eagerness to catch the ball. One fact is that it is played on a cemented floor. Sure their area is carpeted, but all of the players are hindered from moving too much, including the goal keepers.

Meanwhile, at Clam shell 1, their was a party held by UP and UST med. for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga. Hmmm...seems like everyone was inpired by our movement. Like the time when PGH has this program of Give a Life. I wonder about its current status.

Friday, October 15, 2004

toot toot

I have been very busy since this morning. I have to make a call every now and then, and some of these people do not take action immediately to what I request them to do...just fax certain documents. My hands are very utilized in dialing the phone. Sometimes I wish that jack-up wires be issued. On the other hand, I still have time to browse the net, as I am currently searching for certain news and trends, which are, take note, company-related. I was also able to check my four email accounts, one is my office email. All of this I can do while being busy updating the receiving and monitoring sheets of one client, and updating other clients through phone call and emails.

I will unwind tonight. I always look forward to 5:30 pm. In the meantime, I will continue multitasking.

My fingers are numb...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The inevitable

We all die, eventually.
Superman died last Sunday, yet his memories live on.
We are not immortals. Even super heroes meet death.
However, we must not forget that we are all heroes in our little ways.

Reeves is one example of a hero dying young, yet with a lot of memories that have been imprinted on us.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Jasmine mania

Okay, she's here. The American idol.So many Filipinos have proved how gullible they are to claim someone that is not theirs. Read: not a real Filipino. She has never set foot here before. Her parents are Americanized citizens. She is now making huge profits from TV guestings and commercial endorsements, particularly Smart and McDonald's. which makes me think that Smart is not living up to its business name.

Is she going to have an album? I do not doubt it. Honestly, she can sing, but she is not a good singer. I mean, anyone, everyone can sing. The problem is, she is not talented. So what is she's been dubbed as the Britney Spears of the Philippines. Like Britney is good. There was a friendster survey and I marked that my idea of music is Britney Spears shutting up.

Jasmine Trias is a boo-hoo. I do not like her, the same way as I hate Sandara, and I repeat, she has no talent, at all.

Okay, for the sake of nationalism, and for her fans, I do not deny them the right to claim that. But we all know the truth.

Friday, October 08, 2004

LSS x 5

Been playing on my mind since Saturday (I'm gonna dance the last three songs tomorrow):

1. Come on and move your body like a snake ma, shake until it wanna break ma Don't hold back let it go ma, let your money maker jump ma Come on and, let me see you go low ma, bring it up and let it go ma I, love the way you work your chocha, makes me wanna get to know ya We gonna pop open a bottle of the Hypnotic no more time waste let's get this party started Track so strong it's like it's bionic so funky it's like somebody farted Poppin it like a string on a guitar, superstar you know who you are Body smokin like a Cuban cigar, your the mama and I'm the dada These honeys in America, shake ass like their from Africa That's why I'm always up up in the club, V.I.P. with thugs and liquor I travel far and wide lookin for the girl Who can snake can snake can snake can snake can snake Goin club to club lookin for the girl Who can snake can snake can snake can snake can snake Ten thousand g's for the girl Who knows she can snake can snake can snake can snake can snake Been around the world lookin for the girl Who can snake can snake can snake can snake can snake (Could it be you now, could it be you ma, could it be you now, could it be you ma) Come on and move your body like a snake ma, shake until it wanna break ma Don't hold back let it go ma, let your money maker jump ma Come on and, let me see you go low ma, bring it up and let it go ma I, love the way you work your chocha, makes me wanna get to know ya Like two gorillas makin love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on and put your mother, hands in the air now Represent your block like you don't care now Ladies relax and let your hair down All my thugs throw it up and just wyle out Beep beep that's the jeep Toot toot that's the coupe three jeeps (Uh huh) Two coupes (Whoa!) Capri jeans (Whoa!) blue boots (Whoa!) She mean and plus she too cute Hey ma, look girl don't become a statistic They losin we winnin it's um terrific Come vi-visit (Visit) I'm Mike, I wasn't for the Bull (Bull) I'm one of them Wizards And I be downtown Radisson northside Addison Westside Madison southside we back again (The hundreds) Not to G you (Not at all) I'm a G boo (That's true) R.I.P. to lives lost and E too Meet you in heaven, that's the sequel All y'all my people dug from the cathedral Right now I got candles and cake No scandals, ma'am no handle the snake, Killa!!!! [Chorus] Move your body like a snake ma wait ma The Hypnotic bringin out your exotic nature Twenty five out of a dime is what I rate ya Never mind the other girls (You know they gonna hate ya) So squeeze me like a python white thong Bumpin and grindin up in the corner (All night long) At least until they cut the lights on Turnin you on by nibblin on your ear like Ty-son (R. Kelly: Shake that thing!) Big Tigg' want you ta (Shake that thing!) R. Kells want you ta, move them hips like a whirlwind Private pool party after this for me and you and your girlfriend Bring me along, to your afterparty, whoa oh oh!!!! Smokin on, drinkin juice and Bacardi, whoa oh oh!!! (ya'll ain't gotta go home but ya gotta get the hell up outta here) 3 o'clock we in the hotel lobby after party in my penthouse suite lookin' for a fly shorty to meet girl like a .... let me see ya freak the way you're freakin' it is so ya ya wil'in out in the back 'o my car girl you got me screamin' fiesta body language sayin' whatevah Come on and move your body like a snake ma, shake until it wanna break ma Don't hold back let it go ma, let your money maker jump ma Come on and, let me see you go low ma...

2.Shake that thing Miss Kana Kana Shake that thing Miss Annabella Shake that thing yah Donna Donna Jodi and Rebecca *Verse* Woman Get busy, Just shake that booty non-stop When the beat drop Just keep swinging it Get jiggy Get crunked up Percolate anything you want to call it Oscillate you hip and donÕt take pity Me want if see you get live Ôpon the riddim weh me ride And me lyrics a provide electricity Gal nobody can tell you nuttin' Can you done know your destiny *Chorus* Yaw sexy ladies want par with us In a the car with us Them nah war with us In a the club them want flex with us To get next to us Them cah vex with us From the day me born jah ignite me flame gal a call me name and its me fame It's all good girl turn me on 'Til a early morn' Let's get it on LetÕs get it on 'til a early morn' Girl itÕs all good just turn me on

3.What the world needs now is love sweet love, its the only thing that there's just too little of. what the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some but for everyone.

4. how can you see into my eyes like open doors
leading you down into my core
where IÕve become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I canÕt wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I canÕt wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing IÕve become

now that I know what IÕm without
you can't just leave me
breathe into me and make me real
bring me to life

5. I Woke Up This Morning
The Sunshine Was Shining
I Put On My Happy Face
I'm Living I'm Able
I'm Breathing I'm Grateful
To Put On My Happy Face

Woke Up And Realised
This World's Not
So Bad After All
Looked At It Through
A Child's Eyes And
I Saw These Beautiful
Things That You
Never Think About
Like The Ocean Moonlight
Stars And Clouds
It's Amazing How
We Don't Appreciate
Our Blessings
There's Plenty Of People
Who Don't Like Me
But Since There Are More
Who Love Me And
I Love Myself
Sometimes It Gets Tough
It Gets Tough
But I Can't Give Up
Can't Give Up
Just Take A Deep Breath
Close My Eyes
Feel The Love And
Give A Smile

I woke Up This Morning
The Sunshine Was Shining
I Put On My Happy Face
I'm Living I'm Able
I'm Breathing I'm Grateful
To Put On My Happy Face

I Woke Up This Morning
The Sunshine Was Shining
I Put On My Happy Face
I'm Living I'm Able
I'm Breathing I'm Grateful
To Put On My Happy Face

It's Me
I Just Wanna Be Happy
Uh Just Be Happy Uh
Just Be Happy
Today Is The Day
I Am Willing To Say
I Will Put All The
Past Behind Me
No More Enemies
Ready 'cause
Ready 'cause
I'm Living In This World
Lving In This World
I Wanna Make A Change
Wanna Make A Change
Gonna Make A Change
Gnna Make A Change
Put On My Happy Face

I Woke Up This Morning
Te Sunshine Was Shining
I Put On My Happy Face
I'm Living I'm Able
I'm Breathing I'm Grateful
To Put On My Happy Face

And then, there's this song that I really hate because of the singer and she has no talent. At all. Do not try to convince me because my mind will not change. Good thing Jam shares the same opinion.

Presenting, Sandara Park. AAARRRGGHHH!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Last Sunday, I went to Quiapo and had my breakfast (past 11am) at Jollibee Carriedo. I was so engrossed in my meal and was seated far from the window. By the tume I got out, I noticed that there were a lot of soldiers (at least I think they are, because of the camouflaged suits and armalites). I heard someone say they were raiding the pirated CDs. Sure enough, the stalls where the CDs were, were empty. If you are a Filipino, then you are aware that Quiapo has a lot more pirated Cds than the people who go there everyday. Of course, the cheapest costs Php10,and it is expensive if the price is 3 for Php100 or Php50 each.

Last night I was back at the area. Guess who's back?
The CDs.

My mom said that you just have to give a tip to the raiders. I thought that it is so easy to reproduce these things.

Monday, October 04, 2004

long weekend

Oct 2

5:15 am. Woke up. I think my biological clock has been set early for this day. I'm supposed to be awake an hour later. So I just pondered. When the time came, I did the chores, and fixed myself. Of course I did not miss Bear in the Big Blue House and Inuyasha.

9 am Work. But it was more of troubleshooting the differences between IE and Mozilla when it comes to my blog...duh!

12nn. On my way to UST. Had lunch, watched TV.

2pm Dance practice, or should I say dance, break, think session. Until now, I have LSS, but not exactly, since 5 songs are playing in my mind repeatedly!

6pm Supper at McDonald's Dapitan

7:30 on the way to the concert at the Fort

8:10 Arrival. We watched the presentations. Mostly were the members involved in this long term project for Gawad Kalinga. First anniversary of the GK777. A little inspiring. I was glad that we are making a difference. I did not go there for the show but rather be a part of it. I mean, Php50 is just a little money for the tickets, compared to other expenses...I was glad that some celebrities are really exerting effort. As always, Gary V. was there, and Joel Torre. Then Bamboo too, that towards the end it seemed that it was his concert. He was the last performer. Isay Alvarez, Robert (I forgot his surname), Kuh Ledesma, and Carla Martinez were there too. I was proud that Tito Tony did this, the GK, and we are there to support it.
Gawad Kalinga aims to build 7M houses in 7 years. Aside from building houses (Tatag), it also has other programs like Sibol for children 3-6 years old, Sagip (Sagipin ang Isip, Galing, at Pangarap), Siga (Serving in God's Army), Lusog for Health, Gawad kabuhayan for livelihood, and Kapitbahayan, a community-neighborhood association

Things that I did not like at the concert:
slideshows. Imagine they did a Panatang makabayan and they showed the Marcoses at the portion wherein the narration was about pangingikil and kalayaan ay ipinagkait. To tell you the truth, Marcos was the best president we ever had...And look at the administration now? Experiencing a fiscal crisis. Should I add that the CFC ministry was one of the responsible for impeaching Estrada?

Oct 3

2am got home

6:20am Woke up. I wanted to wake at 8 so I just dilly-dallied.

10am Mass at the Cathedral

11am Went to Quiapo for breakfast and to search for an affordable and durable CD player. Mind you, I got one for Php1700. I admit I'm a cheapskate. The product's real, and made in China. That's the factor which made its price lower. Beat that! It has AM/FM and CD with tape recorder. It's cute too.

2pm. Southmall. I'm supposed to meet my blocmate but as expected, she is very confusing. Primarily we'd meet at 11 but then she had to attend to a birthday party so I adjusted my schedule. No show. So I met my sisters and as always, they got a free lunch! Then the shoes that I've been wanting to buy were not available. I already have a pair of those but I want another. I ended up buying just a comb! I was dead set on buying those shoes.

6pm Home at Last

8:30 pm. Practice. I've been trying to create dance steps. In my mind it's easy but I'm not a very skillful dancer

9:40 Sleep

Friday, October 01, 2004

under construction

Dear me dear me. This is getting tough. Things are fine when I use Mozillla for creating my blog, but with IE (internet explorer) the settings are different.

I still have a lot to do here...