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Friday, April 29, 2005

Film: Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kamulatan

(This film was shown at the NCCA theater last March 2, 2005, the same play date as that of Dansport and Photocopy. The director. Ato M.Bautista, and some of the actors were present. The sequence may be confusing but as the story unfolds, one can connect all the scenes in the life of every character. The film is full of foul words and scenes that open-mindedness will be most appreciated. I apologize that I forgot the names of the characters/actors because when I first tried to write this, the draft was erased.)

Rey (Carlo Aquino) is a quiet college student who has a very beautiful girlfriend named Angel (Luanne Dy). He loves her so much that he does not even touch her in a lustful manner. However, his life is shadowed by the cruelty of his father who expects him to be the best in the class and even humiliates him as he is also his teacher. His love for his girlfriend has been proven when she tries to make advances while they were in her house and he prefers to watch tv. However Angel has a regular visitor, Bryan (CJ Ramos) introduces as her cousin but actually her lover. All of her dad's (Bodjie Pascua) religious teachings came to an end when he discovered her daughter having an affair in their house, ending Bryan's life with a bread knife that he told Rey before could not kill anyone.

Pogi (Ketchup Eusebio) is the tambay sa kanto whose mom is working in Japan and sends him money so that he can cope up with his lifestyle, which is having drinking sprees everyday anytime at a sari-sari store. He cusses so hard and so foul. He also boasts about his activities with other girls. He wants Angel for himself and hates Rey for it. He finally gets his wish during a rainy afternoon and Angel cannot get a cab ride so she hopped in with him. At first Pogi was nervous but Angel was a devil. The activity starts in the cab and ends in her house.

Bakla (Hector Macaso) is the homosexual hairdresser and a friend of Pogi. He fulfills his desires by hiring someone. He has an assistant named Tess who puts an end to his desires with Rey when he got his haircut. Tess also tried to kill him with scissors but he shouts at her when she comes in at a time that he was having his happiness.

Jopet (Cholo Barreto) is the most handsome guy in the group. He has a brother who has been unable to walk because of an incident. His brother told him to stay out of Lakay's (Lito Pimentel) way and he reasoned out that he is just the one buying cigarettes for them. Lakay is also the one who keeps them free from all the rumbles that they get into. He tried to set fire to the police station as crazy man once did, but he was caught by his staff. He later found out that Lakay was the cause of his brother's disability as he forced anal sex and he tried to refuse.

Empoy Marquez (I forgot the name) is the jeepney dispatcher and thief and tries to teach a child (Juan Carlos Matabuena) not to steal and to find his way home. The irony is that when he was successful in restraining himself to hold-up a jeep, the passengers, including him, was hold-upped and he felt so helpless.

Taba (I forgot the real name) is the one who listens to all his friends' stories while drinking and he seems to have a heart condition. He also dreamt that they were all chopped.

The film's story was all connected when Pogi was so furious that Angel did not make a big deal of the incident as he thanked her, giving her a cellular phone. As Pogi and his buddies were drinking, Rey walk by, distressed from what occured in Angels; house. They then beat him up. The barangay tanods saw Rey dumped beside a light post but they (Pogi and pals) said he was just drunk and asleep. Finally they also fell asleep and as Rey woke up, he sees the cleaver that they used to chop the head of the lechon which Taba bought for his birthday.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Lowly Maya

Passer montanus Posted by Hello

Their songs, sounding like simple chirps, always delights me. They are aplenty in the city and in the provinces. With their simple color, they seem dull. Yet they bring me joy even just by wathcing the. One can see their nests built anywhere...on the light posts, in the church, on the trees, even on your own house. They are an easy prey to the cats. They eat whatever is given to them, that we throw the extra rice which is not fit for consumption for the vain human. The maya was the Philippine national bird until President Ramos issued a proclamation that the Philippine eagle (monkey-eating eagle) Pithecophaga jeffreyi is the national bird. The maya has been exploited for quite a number of years already, because unscrupulous people catch them and paint them with different colors then they are placed in small cages and sold. Most of the buyers are children, because they are easily attracted to the bright colors and they want to have pets. Little did they know that these birds are lonely and more prone to death because of loneliness and the atrophy of their wings.

My personal experience with the Eurasian Tree Sparrow has taught me to appreciate them. I have been given one by my cousing when I was a child, yes, in a cage. Then when I got home I fed it and make it drink, because I was able to see the weakness it had. More than that, it was injured. When she was alright, my father said that it misses its family, so I set it free.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

How Do I Rate?

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…who cannot be bought;

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…who possess opinions and a will;

…who are larger than their vocations;

…who do not hesitate to take chances;

…who will not lose their individuality in a crowd;

…who will be as honest in small things as in great things;

…who will make no compromise with wrong;

…who will not say they do it “because everybody else does it”

…who are true to their friends in adversity as well as in prosperity;

…who do not believe that shrewdness, cunning, and hardheadedness are the best qualities for winning success;

…who are not afraid or ashamed to stand for the truth when it is unpopular;

…who can say “no” with emphasis even if all the rest of the world says “yes”;

…whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires.

(from Bob Garon's column in Today)

Friday, April 22, 2005

Leaving Footprints

Many times I have tried to tell you, tried to send you an email, tried to make a friendster testimony...Yet I never did them.

Although we have been friends for more than a month, you left a great impact in my life. Your dedication is what I truly admired. You are what I have been waiting for every single day of my life. You have not noticed it, but it is you that made my inner self at peace when I am already panicking. The sound of your voice soothes my senses. It is your fragrance that I long to fill the air with. It is your smile that I anticipate every time we talk.

Remember that my failures were caused by my carelessness. They could have been passè, but some people made such great walls out of it, that I cannot erase these bitter memories. Yet I am quite embarrassed, for you have been a great mentor, and that with you I was calm. With you I have quite succeeded in fulfilling them with great efficiency. When you left I was still fine, until the day when you were really far away and believed that we can survive without your guidance. I did, for sometime, but somehow there is the One who intervenes with my plans, and I know that they are greater. I cannot forget the expression on your face when I did something wrong and you never said a word. You just put the guidelines so that I may always see.

Kind words that you have spoken I have cherished in my heart. Though we are not meant for each other, as you have already committed yourself to someone else. I am happy and content that once in my life, you became a part of it. We are still bound to meet again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hail Pope Benedict XVI!

We now have a new Pope for the Roman Catholic Church.

We have been praying for the Conclave for two days. We have been praying for the new pope since Pope John Paul II's death, as we mourned.

I was filled with happiness as I heard the news this morning, and I am getting emotionl during the mass.

May the vicar of Christ empower the faithful and continue to be a good shepherd.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Building a Secure Future, Seeking Practical Solutions


This paper has been created to primarily to provide background about the mission and vision of Couples for Christ, a religious sector based in the Philippines yet engaging universally. I focused on the work of this group not just because I am involved in the activities, rather because I believe that all things that we donate tend to be used in a good way. Couples for Christ not only focuses on evangelizing people towards the faith, mostly Roman Catholics, but to help give hope and transform lives. Most of what is written about the goal of Gawad Kalinga (to give care) is based on the website and personal involvement. It also brings to light the two faces of the country as a democratic republic. The Filipinos are proud wherever they may be. They hope for better lives so they settle in other countries yet still keep the traditions and values. Meanwhile the administration still works out the best plan to improve the economic situation, provide academic excellence and quality education. It also speaks about the pros and cons that the country is facing.

The first question was addressed last because I consider my life monotonous until some things happened. Pressure and multitasking might be the word of the world, but sometimes things happen so fast that we cannot absorb them anymore and it ruins our plans.
The solutions to the problems that we face everyday cannot be found in any publication or wealth. It is in each of us.

What are the biggest obstacles you face in your daily life?

I consider my work as the biggest obstacle I face in my daily life. Our company as to broaden the knowledge and skills of their employees has rotated me. I have been here for only more than a month. When I started I did not encounter a lot of difficulties and I was working with someone. Now he is assigned to a different function and I have been encountering a lot more pressure and tasks than we used to, or I used to when I was in another role. I tend to make mistakes. I am criticized. I am exhausted by the end of the day yet when I go home I bring my work with me, since I belong to a team that just turns over duties because of the shifting schedule. Now it seems that my responsibilities have been adding up as I have been assigned to check on things that we never used to do. It seems that I have been the focus. Yet I consider this as one great challenge. I learn from all these things. I have become more careful and meticulous about the details involving my role. If multi-tasking is how we describe it, then definitely I am involved, as I handle a lot of transactions through e-mail, calls, and I even have to check items if they are correct. More than that, daily reports are generated, and they are consolidated, and there is a lot of data gathering. More over, when a person asks me to confirm a certain thing, or even After all, we are living a world run by humans and reliant on technology. We can still live without them but when we have become too dependent, then everything becomes complex that we need things to be done at a quick and precise pace.

Another obstacle is the anxiety, because I have never been engaged in a field wherein what I studies could be of more use. I have tried a lot of times, I have prayed hard. Still, God has not yet given me what I have been asking for. This could either be good or bad. Good in the sense that I have become more flexible at things I did not desire yet I am excelling.

Time is also considered a problem. Before I was transferred I planned to take up French as a foreign language in one of its international schools, yet due to the schedule of my work I have to choose another schedule. However this would mean giving up a social yet spiritual activity. I also want to pursue a higher education in the country’s premier university but time still plays a major factor.

What practical solutions would you propose to build a secure future for yourself and others?

Poverty is the primary problem in our country. More than 70% of the population is living below the accepted standard. This is due to the lack of opportunities, education, and even proper shelter.

As the Philippines is still considered a third-world country, wherein development is not yet much thorough and there are still problems in governance and policy creation and implementation. People need concrete examples and models that they can emulate in their life, wherever this may be, at home, school, workplace, and on the road. The country relies heavily on foreign investors. Basically our credit worthiness is good. If we consider the safety of all the citizens of the world, I can say that they are secure. We have been continuously improving our GDP and GNP, and our products are competitive in the world market. The land has more than enough resources yet to be utilized, in terms of natural resources and talents of the general public. If we are to face facts, Filipinos are scattered globally to be able to provide better lives for those that they have left. Other than that, they consider migration because they believe that this certain foreign land offers better opportunities as their people tends to be more focused in their job, does not apply procrastination, and more disciplined.

However, I believe that each and every individual is designed to follow his own will, that he can make what he wants and he can make them how he wants them.

The World Bank has been catering constantly to our financial need, as they have created program called Country Assistance Strategy, specially designed to meet the conditions of the country as it caters to the funding targets, projects, studies, and other things that the analysts deem important to its infrastructures and development.

There has been many times that private sectors and non-government organizations have worked hand in hand with government agencies to provide adequate facilities and increase the labor sector. In Manila, almost every month, the office of the mayor conducts job fairs. The job fair participated by private companies and they hire different kinds of people based on their education and skills. This can range from a humble messenger or household help up to a manager or company supervisor.

The Philippines has also been recognized by investors because of its democracy and its responses to its fiscal problems. If we can recall that in 2004, the President announced that the country is facing fiscal crisis yet almost two months later, everything is okay. This has been resolved through the empowerment of institutions which has connection in tightening government expenditures as well as mandating private sectors. Everyone cooperated, to the extent that some businessmen donated funds to get through, which the government gladly accepted and utilized well. Small and medium enterprises supplies more than enough income and employment. Treasury bonds have been selling at a good price. The peso, has been stabilized.

Science and technology has also been improving as the government recognizes more Filipino innovations and research has been receiving adequate budget. This is needed to enhance the minds of the scientist to develop more ways to make lives easier, utilized natural resources, improve the status of food production, as well as to facilitate involvement with the people. The presence of technology parks, mostly foreign-owned, imparts not just career, but also the distinction that Filipino workers are quality workers. True, that the labor is more expensive compared to other countries but this is equal to the cost of living in the Philippines. A few years back, the world was threatened with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) yet the Philippines was not affected. This is due to the instruments used for identifying passengers who traveled by land or sea. Employees designated at the ports conducted a thorough examination. People were also cooperative.

Among the things that the country can boast is tourism. The presence of tropical delights pamper both Filipinos and foreigners alike. One not only enjoys the sights, but also engages in the hospitality of the people. We are world famous for festivals, wonders of the ancient world, historical landmarks, and magnificent water and land formations.

Education is at par with the world’s best. Filipinos are considered speakers of the English language. Math and Science rank among the best subjects that students are good with.
However, despite all these good services, reaching out to eighty-eight million Filipinos living in an archipelago is not enough.

Everyday in my life I see people living in hazardous conditions. They thrive under the bridges, they live on the streets, under the shade of trees and other buildings. They either live alone or with company, that is, other people that they are related to, or just someone they met on the same area. It makes my heart break to see them but I cannot do much about it.

Street children have been begging for alms instead of food. They are also in danger of vehicular accidents when they sell their goods. Child exploitation is not new and the social welfare cannot address this as their cases have been increasing.

More and more people are engaging in illegal and illicit practices so that they will be able to live another day. As a matter of fact, there have been cases wherein they do this not just because of poverty, but because they want more even if they already live comfortably.

In this regard, the Couples for Christ launched in 1995 the Work with the Poor. This is consisted of five programs, namely:

Ø Education

§ Sibol (to grow) - for children aged three to six years old. It is a value-based education program;

§ Sagip (save, Sagipin ang Isip at Pangarap Save the intellect and dream) - for seven to thirteen years old. This consists of assisting them with their schoolwork, engaging them in different activities such as sports, workshops in theatres, music and dance. At the same time, catechism is also taught hand in hand with values formation;

§ Siga (to light; Serving in God’s Army) - scholarships are granted to those who want to pursue higher education. Strong youth rehabilitation programs are endowed together with a variety of activities and counseling sessions to lead them towards a better life without enrolling them into institutional rehabilitation centers. Thus, they get the advantage of dealing with the society and get employed eventually.

Ø Shelter and Site Development

§ Tatag (Build) - houses, schools, path walks, drainage systems, livelihood centers, clinics, and multipurpose halls are all established. After these are met, libraries and basketball courts are constructed;

Ø Health

§ Lusog (healthy) – medical practitioners such as medical doctors, nurses, dentists, dietitians and others look after the welfare of the community. The concerns addressed include malnutrition and proper education in hygiene and the whole health profile of the individuals.

Ø Livelihood

§ Gawad Kabuhayan (give livelihood) – entrepreneurial skills are manifested and provision of trainings for the both the skillful and eager ones have their opportunity to contribute to the work force and earn income. GK also lends a hand for their microfinance and micro-enterprise capitals and materials, as well as broadening the market for their products and services. GK also ensures that basic needs are met such as food so they encourage backyard farming, poultry raising and urban agriculture. They also help build each other’s house, as this sustains them towards a more diplomatic relations.

Ø Community Empowerment

§ Kapitbahayan (neighbors, community empowerment) – aims to inculcate stewardship, and ensure accountability, cooperation, and unity among the residents. Guidelines are imposed and the leaders who espouse the values of the association emerge. Peace is attained through mutual adherence and a set of values. This role leads to the self-reliance and sustainability.
Those who serve belong to the Couples for Christ Family Ministries such as Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ, Singles for Christ, Couples for Christ, Servants of the Lord, and Handmaids of the Lord. They are the working hands, and they never get any monetary benefit, just pleasure of being able to serve.

In 2000, the Work With The Poor was changed to Gawad Kalinga (to give care). We still have the same programs. This time, major partners were accepted, provided that they also work, not just make monetary contributions, If that is not possible because they are designated in other parts of the world, then that is the only time that we accept their money. However, it is strongly recommended that they visit the sites. They have to be a part of the mission, to provide catechism, education, livelihood, guidance, inspiration, and a home. They can build a corporate village, named after the company. The GK hour is also encouraged, wherein the salary equivalent to an hour’s pay in a week is diverted for the community.

It was in October 2003 that GK 777 implying 700,000 homes in 70, 000 communities in seven years.

Gawad Kalinga build does not have seasonal plans. Construction is on going throughout the year. People do not want a big house, they just need a suitable place to live in, a place that they can call a home, and it only costs the labor of love.

In this regard, Gawad Kalinga has built almost 300,000 houses in different communities throughout the country. Anyone can participate, whether be a member of the family ministries, even a school, a corporate partner, partners from media or form the government, or individually. Volunteers are most welcome. We have contributors as young as nine years old, and they invent programs to raise money. Laborers, that is, all who help, get a taste of creating a house. We measure, we construct, we mix cement, and we put roofs. We paint the houses with different colors, and lastly we attach the doors and windows. Heat is no match for the hearts that are willing to enslave themselves for the happiness of the others.

There have been instances that the government has already awarded the deeds of the land to these people, and their place is better than just being a slum. Gawad Kalinga not only provides houses to those who need a nicer place to live in, but also restores. Restore in a sense that the victims of calamities do not have to worry or spend more because there are people who are willing to donate their time.

The community is not just houses. It is a community of homeowners wherein they become agents for change in a larger context; caretakers, volunteers that work hand in hand to build their life again; and a community of volunteers and partners giving individuals and groups the opportunity to live out the spirit of bayanihan (http://www.gawadkalinga.org/gk_communities/gk_communities.htm).

Aside from Gawad Kalinga build, I devote some of my time to Sagip. These are children ages 7-13. Every weekend, catechisms are held. This is not confined to catechism alone. We want them to interact with one another and reflect on how the teachings can be applied in their lives. It is cherishing to see these rowdy children behave themselves, and even if their families are not that self-sufficient, they try to appear in their best. We also have educational trips and these are not costly because fare is paid by us. What would a trip be without meals or snacks? It is well known that Filipinos love to eat. They bring their own food and we also have something for them, for one can never be too sure. Aside from these, we also help them with their schoolwork. Tutorials are held every weekend. When the time comes that these children have to create a program, they may be hesitant at first but when you encourage them, or even one of them volunteers, the rest follows. Their parents are more than delighted to see their children perform.
The whole nation then transforms.

In my previous work, there have been a lot of things done which are not satisfactory to the common person. Yet, I stood out. I remained strong in what I believed in. I have been raised to be such a person and I will not fail my parents and myself. I am aware that they are insecure, but this is because I have been right and I was performing according to the morals and norms of the society.

So how does one build a secure future?

One can build a secure future by thinking that he can make a difference, regardless of age, gender, and nationality. We know that no man is an island. He has to work with others to make things happen. Hand in hand, everything is possible. The vastness of our capabilities is indefinite. While barriers may still be present because of differences in religions, origin, and values, each one tries to be better. Primarily, quality education is the key. A good home provides more than one can ask for, as the child is molded here and when he is ready to face the world, he has his foundation and he can defend it or improve it. There are a lot of temptations in the corporate world, yet when one remains strong, it will not collapse and they will get tired of encouraging him to do these wicked things. As a result, he becomes the role model, he is the living sign that this world can be more suitable place to live in.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The World Bank Essay Competition

I have done it. I am through. I have been working for it since Good Friday. Until today I only had three pages. Three and the maximum is ten! The deadline is on Friday!

I smile less and less each day- my yahoo messenger status, due to my work. I am careful but some times I fail to fulfill what is expected of me.

Deliver us Lord from every evil and protect us from all anxiety. This is the prayer recited by the priest after the Lord's prayer and its impact is so great this morning.

I am glad that I am able to furnish the essay. That is all that matters now. I do not care if I will not win the grand prize, but I hope I bag a consolation, still I am not expecting. Just hoping...Ü

Monday, April 11, 2005

Harsh Times

Oh gee! Look at the time!

Since last week I have been facing a lot of issues in the office. One was not my fault, like I turned that over to the person on the next shift. Hey the Friday before that, I was assigned to count some items but did not go through with it, so I turned it over too, to a different person.

Now I can hardly sleep all weekend because I gave a different part. The label said it was it, then when my teammate was about to send it, he discovered that the part inside is not it. Since Saturday night I have been anticipating calls and text messages. Sunday morning, well I was scared when my phone beeps or rings.

Today, my fears were brought into reality, to think that I fear nothing. I have no idea what is wrong. Everything is just topsy turvy. I used to perform my function very very well.
The supervisor talked to me in the morning. I seemed like almost crying. To my surprise, she did not use the usual mataray attitude. There is no need to. I know I am...Just when I am beginning to love my new designation...

As a result we did a manual in inventory of some computer parts. Some refers to hundreds. I am still not through. I have been doing that since around 9 am.

On top of that, the supervisor spoke to me about the previous issues of our team which I am mainly the culprit. She said thrice and I only remember once.

Then another one this afternoon...Like should I still call Aboitiz when I know the time they always come? Miscommunication between my superiors.

After that the program manager talked to me and said I should be more careful if the planner blames everything on me.

So I am still here. Damn.

Which gives me the answer to the first question for the World Bank Essay Competition. I am almost through with the second question. There are only two questions, mind you.

I have a job interview tomorrow at a different company. I asked them to reschedule last week but they did not reply. Should I follow-up?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Tiring Friday

We watched the premiere of Finding Neverland last night, with three of my officemates. The tickets were free of course. The one that I used belongs to another officemate but she did not want to go and it would be a waste, considering how expensive premiere tickets are, so I took her place. We had a meeting before that and the film was supposed to start at 7:30 yet we arrived there at 8:15.

The film was nice and a bit touching. I have no idea if that was what was really happened to James Matthew Barrie. I guess I just have to read more.

When I got out of the cab and went to our neighbor's store, I was really surprised that Save the Last Dance, a Koreanovela on ABS-CBN, was not yet through. I was really overwhelmed that I was able to catch it. Hehehe.

I heard the chiming clock in the kitchen struck 12 so I prayed and fell asleep. I forgot to set the alarm clock. I woke up and I can see that the sun was peeping through our window. To think that I should be at work at 6 am and it was already 5:30! Naturally I was late. Doh!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Kind WordsWill Do

I am so stressed. I am even sick. To think that I am working only for 8 hours, excluding lunch. I am exhaused because I lack sleep, like I can be in bed at 9pm and fall asleep only at 10:30. It must be the Tv. It is the Tv! My sleep is comprised of only a little more than 6 hours.

At work, I am pressured. I enjoy my work, but sometimes, there are uncertain things that happen. Like yesterday, as I was just about to go home, somebody demanded to know what this certain piece of paper is doing on her desk. It was from me and I completely forgot about it. Someone asked me to scan it and somebody said that she will return to hard copy to me. She did not. Somebody then asked me when did I give it to her and I replied last week. She asked anong week na ngayon? (What week is it?) I wanted to answer her this week. Hehehe. She was yelling at me!!! Well primarily it was her fault anyway. She then said that she will be the one to email it to the person concerned and asked for the email address. I replied that I do not have her email address, because all our contacts in the Outlook was gone when we reformatted our pc. She snapped why we did not save those. Like hello? Who would bother to save around 200 email addresses? Definitely not me, or my team mates for that matter. Makes me miss my former superiors, who tell me and remind me using soft voices and kind words. After all, they have the same effect, and lessens the tension in the environment and in the muscles of the one speaking (not the one being told to).

I have an interview next week at a fast-food chain. I love my job, but if things like this always happen, then I will not think twice over a higher-paying job that I am aspiring. Higher because the pay is twice!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bagay Kayo

(You are compatible)

Those were the words spoken by my friend Liese when I told him I have a crush on a certain person who happens to be my friend. She knows him because she has seen his pictures.

Yet I will not dare. I will not risk. It is not right. Besides that guy is already committed (just girlfriend not wife) yet I will not follow Cess's advice a few years ago...kung asawa nga nasusulot eh.

I'm too good. Even if we get cozy with each other, we do not get carried away. Which reminded me during college, to exercise full responsibility of being a Christian. Of being moral. Of being righteous, not self-righteous.

Last Sunday I was reading boy meets girl by Joshua Harris. It is a very nice book. Commitment on a spiritual basis. It tells of patience and real happiness when you get something, or someone for that matter.My sister finds it corny though. Well we are different. It reminded me to just wait, because the Creator is preparing someone very special.

An Extraordinary Dayoff

I woke up an hour earlier unlike my other day off. I wanted to attend the morning mass at the Manila Cathedral that I have been missing it since I was transferred to our Makati office. And I was late for the mass because it started early. Tsk tsk tsk.
I went to the dentist, my parent's office dentist (did I state that right?). Oh how I love their dentist! She has been taking very good care of my teeth since I was ten. She cleaned it first then she saw those which needed pasta and lo! She spent two hours pouring over my teeth, which reminds me more than to say thank you to her. After payday. Hahaha.
On the way home I passed by the Manila Cathedral again. Since Sunday the church has been opened 24 hours due to the Pope's death, and the Archbishop of Manila His Excellency Gaudencio Rosales has been saying the mass everyday. Then I saw JM Cobarubbias, a reporter from GMA 7(He does not appear on tv much, having done only one episode in Iwitness). He is my schoolmate, having taking up Developmental Communications at UPLB. He is also my brother inYouth for Christ. I did not call him though. He is likely to remember me 80%, because I did not talk to him much during our meetings and activities.
Now I am in an internet cafe, and will eat lunch in an hour and go to Quezon City Hall to get my sister's birth certificate. What's playing? Love moves in mysterious ways by Nina. This song has been irritating me for three days now because Jeff and Dinah plays them endlessly in Jeff's PC. Ha! Wait till I recover my Winamp!