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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Every Minute Matters

Now that you are far...every minute matters. The short conversations that we have on the phone. I know it is not enough for me to hear every detail of your experiences, nor it is sufficient for me to say how much I miss you...all of the things that we used to do. However, each word that we exchange is a treasure.

I sent you a postal letter. I hope you get it. I want to give you the cd of the video that Rachell and I made for your despedida, but I want to be sure that you get the letter first.

August is still far, You'll miss my birthday again. I won't be with you on yours either. I just want to drag August... and be with you forever.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Learning Little by Little

I went to my cousins' houses yesterday. I took care of Eamonn, my 6-month old nephew and had a little chat with Ericka, 11 years old. Eamonn is the son of Kuya Raymond and Ericka the daughter of Kuya Ricky.
Ericka is very adept and techie, she has lots of websites already that she herself designed. Quite a feat for an 11-year old! I asked her to teach Shelma, the helper, how to use the web since I'm not always there. And this niece of mine goes yearly to the USA to visit her mother's relatives, that I told her to take me next year. So far, she has experienced the Niagara falls! Whoa! I mean the pictures do not need words!
Eamonn spent the day jumping, sleeping, drinking milk, laughing, and playing horsey-horsey (he invented himself and swing his body throughout the whole crib!). When we were eating dinner, he wanted to have a glass. I tried handling the glass for him. He touched it with his hands and started to drink! Of course we would not have him really drink, because he's be ready for it when he's two.
Ericka and Eamonn, the children closest to my heart and I learn from them the process for growing up...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Present and The Future

It's late at night and here I am. While my better half is deep in slumber, I think of him as I write this.

Sometimes, the distance is just distance, but the fact that you do not get to see each other almost everyday like you used to, is such a pain. Tolerable, but it hurts. Yet you have to keep going, to live you life like nothing has changed. After all, love is there.

I thought my life was okay. It is, until the absence of your beloved can just make you cry. True, the exodus of Filipinos to provide a better future for their families, or future families in fact, is happening to me. The time is still far for us to be really together, and if it is God's will, we will be.

Verge is praying that the Philippine economy will be better. That Filipinos would have no need to go abroad just to provide more than enough food on the table and cash in the pocket.

If only we can be better citizens, a better nation...If only we think of our fellowmen as well, then there is no need for poverty, no division between status quos. No need for our loved ones to go elsewhere...

Pressure is a Privilege

I have never been as toxic as before in my life. Gee, sometimes priorities come to make you think, pray and discern.

May 16 - chapter assembly - my assignment is ON FIRE, the publication of CFC-SFC West B1F
May 17 - CYD meeting
May 19 - MMLA
May 20 - SAGIP Olympics; parents' wedding anniversary - I chose to be with my family
May 24 - CYD meeting

May 27 - SIGA Olympics
Note: SAGIP West B won the championship for the third time! SIGA got the championship this year! Kudos to all the players, parents, and service team! God is so good!

May 28 - Joe's despedida
Hey! I'm the host here...Gosh! It's been quite a while since I last manned a party. Check on the food, the attendees, the venue, the utensils, the props, etc. Since May 24 I was compiling his pictures because I do not know how to do a film showing for that so I asked for some friends' help. May 25 we did not get around to do it because they had to go to La Union. May 26 was cross-stitch finalization day. I sent the instructions via email on the 28 at 7am. Yup, I didn't go to work. At 6pm I was told that they were not able to do it because they were busy and feeling sick. I wanted to cry...But I went to meet Rachelle, my household member for Joe requested tiramisu and I had her aunt do it. I told her of my plight. Then she had her laptop and with a moviemaker!!! I was so happy!

May 29-meet with SIGA and Joe

May 30 - visit Joe's parents; see him off at the airport

Now that it's all done, I had my braces adjusted (supposedly May 19) and also visited my dermatologist (supposedly May 12). If my schedule allows it, next week I have to see my ophthalmologist.Ü