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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

After You by Christian Bautista

Took a walk last sunday just to get out
Clear away the cobwebs and the taste in my mouth
This city i’m living in just ain’t bringing me round
Thought i can lose you by moving downtown

With every step i took i saw you there
And when i start talkin to myself
I know i’m getting nowhere

After you
There’s no over you
There’s no in-between
No good songs to sing

’cause after you
There’s no someone new
There’s no start again
’cause no matter where i go or what i do
I go after you

Even the sunshine isn't as bright as it was
But how would i know that when i never look up
Im so fulla shoulda woulda coulda and a ton of regret
Lookin for answers but nothing’s come to me yet

So i try to distract myself with everything and nothin’
Lookin’ for answers but nothin’s come to me yet

So i try to distract myself with everything and nothin’
But tommorow i’ll wake up and still be runnin’

After you… i got so low i didn’t even regognize myself
Or the wind blow
But here i am with nowhere, left to go

Friday, January 26, 2007


Sometimes, some words are better left unsaid, but how will others know what you are feeling or thinking of?

Always, time is crucial in relationships. So is communication.

Discovering Talents and Using Them

The Star Camp for SAGIP kids of GK Tatalon was held at Christ the King seminary last January 20-21, 2007.

I would like to share our experiences with you.
A month before we were searching for the venue. Two weeks before that we had it.But a week before that, a guideline from DepEd came,announcing classes for January 20. Somehow, we God provided us a much better place.Ü

So here goes:

Before 7am, two of the service team arrived (that's me and Eileen). We checked the premises and began making the preparations. At past 8am, the first batch of the children arrived (26 kids). They came with Tita Malou and Cathy G.

More than words can express how enamored they were with the venue...there were gardens, and fountain and fish pond. They also had their own rooms, with companions of course.

When Carmz started to speak about the music workshop, the second batch arrived. (20 kids). They made themselves comfortable and Carmz resumed her session. She taught them the importance and proper way of singing.

Then Lee gave the acting workshop. I can say that the children enjoyed it so much. Lee was very exuberant with the task he was given. They were given situations and what would they do.

Ver gave the talents exhortation and made them realize the importance of their talents, that it is God-given and using them is a way of thanking Him. Ver is good at basketball. In fact he garners awards from it. Then his mom requested that he give her a medal from school. He did alright, because of basketball.

The dance workshop given by Nalen and Eds made them move and groove. They were able to memorize the steps at that short time, dancing to the tune of King of Majesty.

Badjie was very patient for praise and fashion. Not only did she teach them how to walk, the proper posture and attitude. She also taught them to make their presence felt through deeds.

Sunday came and after everyone has eaten, they heard the 9am mass It was the feast of the Sto. Niño so there was a ceremony in the Church presented by the choir which delighted them. They were behaved in the Church.

After that, practices followed and the program was presented. Each one was giving his/her best effort for the singing, dancing, praise and fashion, and acting. Of course there were games and awards.

Yes they were a little unruly. They just need guidance. They were noisy, they were enjoying the experience so much. They were running here and there, transferring from one room to another aside from their assigned rooms. They just wanted how to feel such blessings that they do not have. They had talents and were just shy to make it shown. They were able to burst from their cocoon and give glory to God.

In behalf of the SAGIP team, we would like to thank all who made it possible:
The service team
the speakers and their friends
the KB
the participants themselves
those who supported through prayers and finances
and the Lord God almighty.

Thank you and God bless.


What a Great Day to Start the New Year!

January 1, 2007
After the hustle and bustle in preparation for meeting 2007-general cleaning, cooking, entertaining visitors the whole Christmas vacation,I thought I'd be at peace.
Then Joe, my GG texted that he was coming. He was in Taiwan for some work from Christmas day till the 30th. We was there during the earthquake which got me worried but at his place, everything was ok. He arrived in the afternoon.My parents were amused at how I was able to clean the things that I do not do. Ü
This is just the start of one great year.