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Monday, June 27, 2016

I was reading about thank yous and this one came up:
emotionally-abusive relationship

7. If Your Partner Always Holds you Accountable if Anything Goes Wrong

6. If Your Partner Puts you Down when Other People are Around

5. If Your Partner is Exceedingly Jealous

4. If Your Partner Expects you to do Everything

3. When Your Partner Manipulates you

2. When Your Partner tends to Isolate you from Others

1. When the Partner is being Verbally Abusive

It is painful for both of you, but more on the person being abused, as he/she has become more dependent on the other  one, that he/she forgets to love himself/herself.

One has to fill up the love tank and it cannot be nourished back if it is not refilled. The first person do that is the abused one, and it starts by loving yourself.