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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I am a tampurista. I have been like this since time immemorial. I don’t like it when people forget my birthday, and I’m only referring to my closest friends, as my family does not forget it. In fact, I felt so bad in 2002 when someone so special way back then never greeted me. This year one of my best friends forgot it too. I made him guilty about it. Then he also forgot to come to my birthday treat, and one of my closest friends forgot it too, and he had a seminar that night.

Another instance when I make tampo is when the people who I thought would take time to either bring me home, walk me home, or let me get a ride, does not do so. In college, it was perfectly natural for me to walk home alone. I know that there are bad elements lurking in the campus. Guess I was lucky all those times. Whether I came from a party (which I felt bad later, because, nobody did), or from a meeting, or just strolling around to let out my anger, sadness, and frustration, or even just to take some time off. Then again, I remind myself that I used to do this alone. Maybe I just got used to it.

When you cancel a meeting with me, I also don’t feel so good, or if you are late. It’s like I have set my mind on this matter, and viola! In an instance, you back out. It’s like great expectations have fallen. If you forget something that I always remind you of, such as things to purchase, it brings out a minimal amount of tampo.

I have no idea when this attitude of mine will be gone. It only affects me. Or so I think. Because I am nice and forgiving, if you are guilty if such, you only have to apologize, a little cajole, make me smile, and everything will be fine.


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