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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Starry Starry Night

The week was hit by the storm Agaton. By Friday night I was praying that it would not even drizzle on Saturday. Why? Because this is one of the days that both the SFC vounteers, as well as the young ones have been waiting for.
Ten children were chosen two weeks ago for a trip to Star City. These are the most behaved in their respective groups that day. We had a lot of free coupons for the rides that we only have to pay their entrance fees and food. Of course we have to be responsible for them.
At four pm, I was waiting for them outside the entrance of Star City. Moments later two SFC arrived and another one was already there ahead of me! Before five pm they arrived but we still had to wait for their some SFC sisters. When we sensed that they were really getting excited, quiet, and bored, all at the same time, we decided to come in. Ten children and thirteen SFCs.
Our first choice was the Wild River. Two children were not able to join because of height restrictions so they stayed with some elders. We were in line for more than an hour. I repeat, more than an hour! When it was our turn, at the first drop, the brave ones closed their eyes, shouted, called it quits, but what can we do? We were already there so I told them that nothing bad could happen, I was with them, and we just have to hold on to the rail . They could shout if they want to. Then splash! They were happy and amazed at themselves that they made it.
We took our supper and everyone was quiet. Even if we reminded them that they have to finish all their food because a lot of people have nothing to eat, they were not able to consume all of the porkchop and fried chicken which was feasted upon by two SFC kuya. Of course after eating there was leak break and some of them chanced upon the toy catcher wherein one has to drop a five-peso coin to get a chance to claim a toy.
Haunted House was next. I did not go in because the people there run and I do not want to tire myself. We waited at the exit and heard that one of my "daughters" almost cried but was easily comforted. Some were even outrunning the SFCs. They were laughing and teasing one another.
Next stop was Peter Pan. It was like a museum without interaction but everyone was pleased and enchanted. This is the area where we had a lot of pictures! We identified Captain Hook, Smee, the crocodile, Peter, Wendy, Michael, John, the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell, and the mermaids. Lights here were different!
It was almost 10 pm so we decided to get in the bumper cars! Even if there was height restriction, everyone was allowed. Of course, after waiting for more than an hour, we spent five minutes bumping against each other, despite the fact that two cars had no part for forwarding the car and one of them was ours! It was the most enjoyable for them.
My "daughter: and I lost them when she had to take a leak break and after wandering for about a few minutes, I decided to head for the exit and they were there. The one I told that we would be going somewhere got lost and arrived later.
By 11pm, we were on our way home. We told the parents that they would be home by 9 but what can we do? Tired and sleepy, their eyes tell it all.

Stop It Right

The VRB takes pride that they were able to confiscate some CDs and DVDs of the Pacquiao-Morales rematch last Wednesday. Yet it seems that they were never gone in Quaipo the following day. Do they really have a right this time, since the fight was broadcasted over cable and national television, wherein millions of people have access? Who would sue? Who owns the rights? Who should be stopped, the vendors? Where are the copies being made and who owns them?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Sunday Event

After watching the Pacquiao-Morales fight, I was awaiting the grand finals of the Search for the Star in a Million. I like Jimmy but I was expecting Tata to win. Jimmy was eliminated. Kris and Tata were left. Although the emcees apologized for plugging the wrong final two, it made an impact. Tata was really hitting it high. Then the scores for the last round was back to zero and Kris gave a better rendition of the theme song. Shucks. To think that I postponed eating supper so that I could concentrate. On the contrary, I do not think Kris is such a good singer. Perhaps he was able to reach the finals because of the weight of the text votes. He's a Fil-am. What would he do with the house he won when life is better for him in the USA?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Quick Post on The Battle

I was anxious last Sunday whether I'd be able to catch the Pacquiao-Morales rematch. I had to be in the SAGIP service in the morning, then decided to hear the mass at Sta. Cruz church. When I got down at Quaipo, a lot of people were already there. I thought that it was because ABS-CBN vans and crews were shooting something. When I looked up, I saw on the big Mercury Drug tv that supporting bouts of the fight were being shown. I heard the mass, and like the rest of the Filipinos, prayed that our fellowman would win. Even the priest is aware of our intentions.

After wandering around Avenida, I got home and caught the 6th round. Though I was eating my late lunch, I was not looking at the food, but my eyes were glued to the boob tube. Outside, everything was so quiet that no footsteps nor vehicle could be heard.

Pacquiao won. It was a sweet taste of victory and Filipino pride all over the world.

Then Mike Arroyo went into the ring and we got a bad taste. GMA called or was called over the phone and spoke to Manny. It was irritating to hear, since I know the government did not spend even a single centavo for him, much more when he was not yet famous. Although Manny was thankful for all the support, the rest of the Filipinos are not. I've heard that when Manny was fighting and won, people were shouting "Pacquiao, Pacquiao!". When the first gentleman spoke to him, they could have said "F*** you. F*** you!"

So there. Ü


I wrong the wrong pair of socks in one of my shoes last week. It goes like this: I've got a lot of shoes and five kinds of socks which could differ in color, style, and thickness. The result? I wore slippers to work for a week. Really cool, since I am in business attire and I got two wear my two cute slippers. hahaha.

What really broke my heart is that something I have been with for almost five years broke down. I did not expect it to happen so soon, since I had no intention of getting a replacement. Then it got wet and though I tried to dry it, it was too late. I brought it to a care center and they could not do anything about it. So that is the end of my beloved Nokia 3310. huhuhu. My sim card is still okay. But I will really miss the phone.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

2005 ILC

I'm sorry for the delayed photos of the Singles for Christ International Leaders' Conference in Boracay last Februay 18-20, 2005. Here are some of them:

NCR West B1B
NCR West B1B

Sand-building competition

It depicts a man empowered by people, strength, and faith.

The fairies on the rocks Ü

Cool, clear, and clean water

With friends from YFC turned SFC

We just did not frolic on the beach. We heard and listened to talks and got empowered. We felt blessed in the beautiful island that will always be in our hearts. The competitions were there to state that we are beyond your average singles, because we do all these things in great faith and with conviction.

I just had to post these before the 2006 ILC!

Friday, January 06, 2006


The title of the letter is 1st Indorsement. I admit my mistake, having taken it as a wrong way for endorsement. Then I looked it up in the dictionary. True enough, Mr. Webster said same as endorse.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ang Anino

Sumakay ako ng jeep sa may España at ako lamang at ang tsuper ang naroon. Malalim na kasi ang gabi. May mga ilaw naman ang mga poste ng Meralco subalit napansin kong sa maikling tunnel ng Recto/Quezon Boulevard, wala akong anino. Nabalutan ako ng takot at pagkamangha. Mga ilang sandali pa ay nanumbalik ang aking anino. Subalit paano ito nawala gayong maliwanag din ang ilaw ng bumbilya ng jeep?