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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I wanted to have a gmail account. I do not need another email address. i simply WANT it. Like I already have one for yahoo, one for hotmail, one for the office. Oh, I have another one for my schizophrenic activities (I'm not really schezophrenic, but I use this identity, a male one, as an alias, such as for texting).

So I got a gmail...and to have this, my browser must support it. No programs can allow this in my PC. Besides, downloading is restricted. Damn. I don't even have a YM or MSN messenger, and moreso, Chikka, in my office PC.

How was I able to get a gmail? Such a wonder to me. I was only browsing through Jaemark's blog (ultraelectromagneticblog) and saw the invitation for a gmail account. 1 click-used. 6 click-used. 2 click-used. 4 click-unused. I signed up here. 3 click-unused, 5 click-unused.

My browser is not compatible. I need to have specific programs...downloading is a requirement. (I forgot what where those.)I finally chose to download Mozilla, hoping that it would work (read: not restricted). Miracle of miracles! It did! Of course I had to choose a location wherein I will be able to install it, as program files will not allow it. Call me crazy but I put it in my docs.

Now I have 4 email accounts...and one for my secret activities. Nothing deadly nor dangerous nor immoral nor evil, mind you.


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