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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

32 Years Later

32 years after martial law. Where are we now?

It is disappointing to know that schoolchildren do not know what martial law is, how it affected ourlives. Either their parents are not concerned or spared them the detaila. After all, why would they care when life has been easier and safer in those times?

Why should those whose human rights were violated be paid for what happened to them? In the first place, they defied the government. A government with the best of intentions for its people. A government that has tried to prevail with justice and peace. A government that has uplifted the society, created opportunities, rewarded the farmers, imporved the educational system, built strong roads, connected the people and made the Philippines at par with the world's best.

Yes, martial law was instituted to protect the people. Those were the times that criminals were on the rise. Martial law imposed curfew so that people will be safe in their homes. A lot of activists were sprouting because they believed that the administration is denying them their freedom. Yet, have we tried to assess what true freedom for them was? They were persistent about press freedom. The people have a right to know what is happening, and this right was not held from them. In the same way that we have censors and editors. Exaggeration is a very mean thing. Other modes of media, like broadcasting, is, they claim, lost its freedom. True that television and radio stations were closed down, primarily because that these institutions do not perform their duties well. Only those that existed were government-controlled.

Times were more peaceful. The economy was on the rise. There was less poverty.Agriculture was the best, as research and funding were focused in this area. Other fields of science and technology are among those that were prioritized and we have the best people for this. Filipinos know the real meaning of hospitality and bayanihan. One can leave things outside his house and return to find it in the same place.

Nowadays, the news today was yesterday's. The same will appear tomorrow. Corruption is rampant and we do not see any improvement in the country. One only thinks of himself and his resources. It does not matter if the rest of the population is suffering, as long as one is confortable. Slefishness and evil are just terminologies.

One thing for sure. This helps us to analyze the differences and similarities of the present administration. It is not yet too late. Times may be harsh, but if idealism and discipline are still present on our lives. we can make them a reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, where'd you get all these data? Ahh, you must have had a nice little chat with Madam Meldy before you wrote this. Hehe.


September 22, 2004 11:42 PM  

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