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Monday, September 27, 2004

Kate and Leopold

Lat night, Kate and Leopold was airing at ABS-CBN. I did not watch it because at 8, I was already sleepy and I am sure that the film will start just before 11. So again I missed it.

I was supposed to watch that during its premiere in May 2002, I think because my friend has free tickets. Sadly, he informed me only in the afternoon, and I was having asthma attack during that season, Moreover, I was reviewing for the board exam. I also had little money and I was certain that he would treat me. Nevertheless, I let the opportunity pass, for the reason that Megamall is 2 hours travel time from my house and if the film finishes at past 9, then how would I go home? That was it.

I'll just buy a CD when I feel like it. =)


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