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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Posted in emails last June 29, 2004

I am getting tired of using red, black ,and blue, so I used this one, Unique, isn't it?

Tomorrow will be President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's proclamation. In Cebu. Why in Cebu, you might ask. Because tomorrow is also the first day of showing of Spiderman, Have you wondered how big this blockbuster is, that people are more willing to watch it than the proclamation of our president? Plus the fact that it will boost Cebu's income even for just a few days. The hotels will be fully booked, traffic will be congested, since the officials will be there (motorcades, escorts, here we go!!!). Restaurants will be crowded, and souvenir shops will be jampacked!!! What do you know, that groceries might run out of dried mangoes.

Honestly, if tomorrow will be a holiday, I prefer to stay at home and watch her, rather than spiderman. Spiderman will be showing, I presume, for about a month. Tomorrow will be one day where the incumbent president will be criticized, ridiculed, and praised by your very own sis, me, of course.

I have no idea how long will she sit in her term. Will it be six years of sending more Filipinos as OFWs? I wonder why she is so proud of that when in fact it is merely the mirror that there are less and less job opportunities here in our devastated country. I used to be full of hopes. But if people and our leaders continue to deteriorate in terms of quality, then we can only be facing doom.

I'm sure you have heard of the bridge porgram. At first I thought this was good, since students will be more exposed to learning. However, my neighbor teaches at Manila High and said that this is how it goes like: Math teachers will teach PE teachers who will be the one facilitating, and Science teachers will teach THE (Technology and Home Economics) facilitators. These facilitators will be the lecturers of the students. Insane, isn't it? No wonder the quality of the education is deteriorating. Media is another factor. As I child, all the cartoons I watched were in English. Now, networks fight who gets the dubbing in Filipino. I say ABSCBN dubs better. But that is another story.

I get bored reading long emails. So I have to say goodbye. See you at the cinema. But I like Batman better. No superpowers.


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