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Friday, April 13, 2007

On Bikes

I can still vividly recall how a bicycle got me as I was crossing down Jones Bridge (the bike was going to Binondo from Intramuros, using the road for vehicles from Binondo to Taft).

So it does not surprise me that another bicycle almost swiped me in España. Again, the rider was in the opposite lane.

Bikes as they are, they are still supposed to follow traffic rules and regulations. Just because they do not need to be licensed means they can violate these laws. I should know, I ride bikes too, but I don't do it on the busy streets of Metro Manila, and definitely, I know where I stand, or should I say, drive.

Some Holy Week

March 31, I went to the SIGA Mega Youth Camp at BPS Sisters, Silang, Cavite. Got up really early and skipped breakfast coz I had to meet someone at 6am, and I saw her at past 8 because she forgot the specific place that we were supposed to meet.

Upon arrival, we were met by Joe and went on with the proceedings of the camp - assist, roam around, and guide the youth, even reminding them at times about the real essence of their presence there.

I was not able to watch the Lord's Day Celebration or even the E-night, because I was really sleepy. Bu I was not able to sleep at once because these kids kept talking outside our room and one room was even locked. Though we wanted to help them about that, the nuns have the keys. So after that, by 1am, things were quiet.

I woke up to a beautiful Easter Sunday morning, courtesy of the cooks/service team who knocked loudly on the door and woke up Ching who was beside me. But I still lingered on the bed, savoring every moment of what was transpiring.

Ching and I with a nun fetched the priest at SVD Tagaytay later that morning for the mass while the parents arrived and I never noticed what happened, because I was not there. I'm sure it must have been either emotional or none.

After that, we left at about 2pm and proceeded to Caloocan since Joe's mom is celebrating her birthday. Ice cream was out of stock!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came - working days. Holy Thursday was spent for cross-stitching and some liturgical celebration. Good Friday and Saturday was also for cross-stitching. Easter Sunday was a surprise, because I was engrossed in, yes, cross-stitching and Joe was already outside, not even saying beforehand that he'd visit. Though I was expecting it.

I'm done with almost half of the pattern.

I wish my sisters were there during the whole Holy Week. Alas, Sandy was in Batangas to do "pabasa" and Andrea was in Manila, training for Jollibee.

We need to plan for a long family get-together. Ü