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Thursday, September 23, 2004

10 Fingers

Yes, I am a normal person. I have 10 fingers and I treasure them because they are mine, like I treasure my loved ones.

When I was in college I cut my left pinky with a knife as I was conducting my special problem in HNF. Oh boy I fainted at that time because there was really lots of blood and I felt that oxygen ran out in my body. Time has healed that but the scar is present.

Yesterday it was a cutter and my right ring finger was the victim. Blood was dripping profusely. It's like a v-cut protruding through my flesh. I did not pass out. I remained calm. Until now that I am typing this, it hurts.

So I have 10 fingers, and only 8 are really functional. In typing, well, I think everything is fine. One benefit is that I do not have to do the laundry manually, because there is no washing machine in the house where I stay (of course we have one in the other house) . In a few weeks, everything will be a-okay.


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