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Friday, March 18, 2005

Film: Dansport

(A thesis made by UP Mass Com students)

Luchi is at the bathroom holding a blade and his enters shouting.

Luchi is a dancer, and he likes it even if he is being teased as a dance instructor, or a sissy, by his brothers. He is also called a ballerina by his neighbors. Sometimes he likes to give up, but his heart is on dancing. He keeps on practicing and practicing and his life is defined by his moves. He feels that every move he makes defines and expresses his drama in life.He regularly competes with his partner. There was a time he told her he does not want to dance anymore, and his partner slaps him. But they still dance: the tango, the samba, the the rhumba, a very slow and sorrowful dance.

After the competition, he goes home, and goes to the bathroom. He throws the blade onto the floor.


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