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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Lowly Maya

Passer montanus Posted by Hello

Their songs, sounding like simple chirps, always delights me. They are aplenty in the city and in the provinces. With their simple color, they seem dull. Yet they bring me joy even just by wathcing the. One can see their nests built anywhere...on the light posts, in the church, on the trees, even on your own house. They are an easy prey to the cats. They eat whatever is given to them, that we throw the extra rice which is not fit for consumption for the vain human. The maya was the Philippine national bird until President Ramos issued a proclamation that the Philippine eagle (monkey-eating eagle) Pithecophaga jeffreyi is the national bird. The maya has been exploited for quite a number of years already, because unscrupulous people catch them and paint them with different colors then they are placed in small cages and sold. Most of the buyers are children, because they are easily attracted to the bright colors and they want to have pets. Little did they know that these birds are lonely and more prone to death because of loneliness and the atrophy of their wings.

My personal experience with the Eurasian Tree Sparrow has taught me to appreciate them. I have been given one by my cousing when I was a child, yes, in a cage. Then when I got home I fed it and make it drink, because I was able to see the weakness it had. More than that, it was injured. When she was alright, my father said that it misses its family, so I set it free.


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