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Monday, April 11, 2005

Harsh Times

Oh gee! Look at the time!

Since last week I have been facing a lot of issues in the office. One was not my fault, like I turned that over to the person on the next shift. Hey the Friday before that, I was assigned to count some items but did not go through with it, so I turned it over too, to a different person.

Now I can hardly sleep all weekend because I gave a different part. The label said it was it, then when my teammate was about to send it, he discovered that the part inside is not it. Since Saturday night I have been anticipating calls and text messages. Sunday morning, well I was scared when my phone beeps or rings.

Today, my fears were brought into reality, to think that I fear nothing. I have no idea what is wrong. Everything is just topsy turvy. I used to perform my function very very well.
The supervisor talked to me in the morning. I seemed like almost crying. To my surprise, she did not use the usual mataray attitude. There is no need to. I know I am...Just when I am beginning to love my new designation...

As a result we did a manual in inventory of some computer parts. Some refers to hundreds. I am still not through. I have been doing that since around 9 am.

On top of that, the supervisor spoke to me about the previous issues of our team which I am mainly the culprit. She said thrice and I only remember once.

Then another one this afternoon...Like should I still call Aboitiz when I know the time they always come? Miscommunication between my superiors.

After that the program manager talked to me and said I should be more careful if the planner blames everything on me.

So I am still here. Damn.

Which gives me the answer to the first question for the World Bank Essay Competition. I am almost through with the second question. There are only two questions, mind you.

I have a job interview tomorrow at a different company. I asked them to reschedule last week but they did not reply. Should I follow-up?


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