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Friday, March 18, 2005

Film: Photocopy

(A theis made by UP Fine Arts students)
Setting: classroom
Characters: Eric and JM
Eric is a typical college student. As their professor ends his class, he tells them that the readings are available at the AS lobby. He goes there and asks JM the copu. JM photocopies two sets, one for Eric and one for himself. As Jm goes home, he reads them. He stares at his highschool graduation photo.
Eric asks him to photocopy a piece of paper with job opportunities. JM makes two. Eric with a full-lenth mirror grabs his car keys. JM, on the other hand, casts at a last glance at their mirror that almost does not have enough space for his face, and he counts his fare. They both go to the interview. Eric makes pacute to the interviewer. JM answers more nicely than him, and in Filipino. Nothing was said for Eric, but for JM, he was denied, but he insists.
JM lands a job at the company as a photocopier.


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