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Friday, April 22, 2005

Leaving Footprints

Many times I have tried to tell you, tried to send you an email, tried to make a friendster testimony...Yet I never did them.

Although we have been friends for more than a month, you left a great impact in my life. Your dedication is what I truly admired. You are what I have been waiting for every single day of my life. You have not noticed it, but it is you that made my inner self at peace when I am already panicking. The sound of your voice soothes my senses. It is your fragrance that I long to fill the air with. It is your smile that I anticipate every time we talk.

Remember that my failures were caused by my carelessness. They could have been passè, but some people made such great walls out of it, that I cannot erase these bitter memories. Yet I am quite embarrassed, for you have been a great mentor, and that with you I was calm. With you I have quite succeeded in fulfilling them with great efficiency. When you left I was still fine, until the day when you were really far away and believed that we can survive without your guidance. I did, for sometime, but somehow there is the One who intervenes with my plans, and I know that they are greater. I cannot forget the expression on your face when I did something wrong and you never said a word. You just put the guidelines so that I may always see.

Kind words that you have spoken I have cherished in my heart. Though we are not meant for each other, as you have already committed yourself to someone else. I am happy and content that once in my life, you became a part of it. We are still bound to meet again.


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