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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

An Extraordinary Dayoff

I woke up an hour earlier unlike my other day off. I wanted to attend the morning mass at the Manila Cathedral that I have been missing it since I was transferred to our Makati office. And I was late for the mass because it started early. Tsk tsk tsk.
I went to the dentist, my parent's office dentist (did I state that right?). Oh how I love their dentist! She has been taking very good care of my teeth since I was ten. She cleaned it first then she saw those which needed pasta and lo! She spent two hours pouring over my teeth, which reminds me more than to say thank you to her. After payday. Hahaha.
On the way home I passed by the Manila Cathedral again. Since Sunday the church has been opened 24 hours due to the Pope's death, and the Archbishop of Manila His Excellency Gaudencio Rosales has been saying the mass everyday. Then I saw JM Cobarubbias, a reporter from GMA 7(He does not appear on tv much, having done only one episode in Iwitness). He is my schoolmate, having taking up Developmental Communications at UPLB. He is also my brother inYouth for Christ. I did not call him though. He is likely to remember me 80%, because I did not talk to him much during our meetings and activities.
Now I am in an internet cafe, and will eat lunch in an hour and go to Quezon City Hall to get my sister's birth certificate. What's playing? Love moves in mysterious ways by Nina. This song has been irritating me for three days now because Jeff and Dinah plays them endlessly in Jeff's PC. Ha! Wait till I recover my Winamp!


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