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Friday, April 29, 2005

Film: Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kamulatan

(This film was shown at the NCCA theater last March 2, 2005, the same play date as that of Dansport and Photocopy. The director. Ato M.Bautista, and some of the actors were present. The sequence may be confusing but as the story unfolds, one can connect all the scenes in the life of every character. The film is full of foul words and scenes that open-mindedness will be most appreciated. I apologize that I forgot the names of the characters/actors because when I first tried to write this, the draft was erased.)

Rey (Carlo Aquino) is a quiet college student who has a very beautiful girlfriend named Angel (Luanne Dy). He loves her so much that he does not even touch her in a lustful manner. However, his life is shadowed by the cruelty of his father who expects him to be the best in the class and even humiliates him as he is also his teacher. His love for his girlfriend has been proven when she tries to make advances while they were in her house and he prefers to watch tv. However Angel has a regular visitor, Bryan (CJ Ramos) introduces as her cousin but actually her lover. All of her dad's (Bodjie Pascua) religious teachings came to an end when he discovered her daughter having an affair in their house, ending Bryan's life with a bread knife that he told Rey before could not kill anyone.

Pogi (Ketchup Eusebio) is the tambay sa kanto whose mom is working in Japan and sends him money so that he can cope up with his lifestyle, which is having drinking sprees everyday anytime at a sari-sari store. He cusses so hard and so foul. He also boasts about his activities with other girls. He wants Angel for himself and hates Rey for it. He finally gets his wish during a rainy afternoon and Angel cannot get a cab ride so she hopped in with him. At first Pogi was nervous but Angel was a devil. The activity starts in the cab and ends in her house.

Bakla (Hector Macaso) is the homosexual hairdresser and a friend of Pogi. He fulfills his desires by hiring someone. He has an assistant named Tess who puts an end to his desires with Rey when he got his haircut. Tess also tried to kill him with scissors but he shouts at her when she comes in at a time that he was having his happiness.

Jopet (Cholo Barreto) is the most handsome guy in the group. He has a brother who has been unable to walk because of an incident. His brother told him to stay out of Lakay's (Lito Pimentel) way and he reasoned out that he is just the one buying cigarettes for them. Lakay is also the one who keeps them free from all the rumbles that they get into. He tried to set fire to the police station as crazy man once did, but he was caught by his staff. He later found out that Lakay was the cause of his brother's disability as he forced anal sex and he tried to refuse.

Empoy Marquez (I forgot the name) is the jeepney dispatcher and thief and tries to teach a child (Juan Carlos Matabuena) not to steal and to find his way home. The irony is that when he was successful in restraining himself to hold-up a jeep, the passengers, including him, was hold-upped and he felt so helpless.

Taba (I forgot the real name) is the one who listens to all his friends' stories while drinking and he seems to have a heart condition. He also dreamt that they were all chopped.

The film's story was all connected when Pogi was so furious that Angel did not make a big deal of the incident as he thanked her, giving her a cellular phone. As Pogi and his buddies were drinking, Rey walk by, distressed from what occured in Angels; house. They then beat him up. The barangay tanods saw Rey dumped beside a light post but they (Pogi and pals) said he was just drunk and asleep. Finally they also fell asleep and as Rey woke up, he sees the cleaver that they used to chop the head of the lechon which Taba bought for his birthday.


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