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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Street soccer

I was at WOW last night and my friends and I bought some chocolates and talked a little. While we were there, we watched a game of street soccer and since one of them was scared that we might be hit by the ball. Of course after we talked and they left, I resumed to watching the games. There were 5 teams: Don Bosco United, FEU Justice, PCCR, Marist, and uhmmm I forgot the other one. Don Bosco and FEU, during the finals, were in a tight game. They both scored 4-4, so they were entitled to three penalty kicks. Since they were still tie after 2 kicks, it was followed by a 7 more kicks. with Don Bosco emerging as the champion for NCR.

Watch the coverage on ABC 5 on October 22, 4 pm. The National Finals will be in Cebu. The date was not yet given.

Street soccer is a nice sport, but the goal keepers do not have this eagerness to catch the ball. One fact is that it is played on a cemented floor. Sure their area is carpeted, but all of the players are hindered from moving too much, including the goal keepers.

Meanwhile, at Clam shell 1, their was a party held by UP and UST med. for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga. Hmmm...seems like everyone was inpired by our movement. Like the time when PGH has this program of Give a Life. I wonder about its current status.


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