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Monday, October 04, 2004

long weekend

Oct 2

5:15 am. Woke up. I think my biological clock has been set early for this day. I'm supposed to be awake an hour later. So I just pondered. When the time came, I did the chores, and fixed myself. Of course I did not miss Bear in the Big Blue House and Inuyasha.

9 am Work. But it was more of troubleshooting the differences between IE and Mozilla when it comes to my blog...duh!

12nn. On my way to UST. Had lunch, watched TV.

2pm Dance practice, or should I say dance, break, think session. Until now, I have LSS, but not exactly, since 5 songs are playing in my mind repeatedly!

6pm Supper at McDonald's Dapitan

7:30 on the way to the concert at the Fort

8:10 Arrival. We watched the presentations. Mostly were the members involved in this long term project for Gawad Kalinga. First anniversary of the GK777. A little inspiring. I was glad that we are making a difference. I did not go there for the show but rather be a part of it. I mean, Php50 is just a little money for the tickets, compared to other expenses...I was glad that some celebrities are really exerting effort. As always, Gary V. was there, and Joel Torre. Then Bamboo too, that towards the end it seemed that it was his concert. He was the last performer. Isay Alvarez, Robert (I forgot his surname), Kuh Ledesma, and Carla Martinez were there too. I was proud that Tito Tony did this, the GK, and we are there to support it.
Gawad Kalinga aims to build 7M houses in 7 years. Aside from building houses (Tatag), it also has other programs like Sibol for children 3-6 years old, Sagip (Sagipin ang Isip, Galing, at Pangarap), Siga (Serving in God's Army), Lusog for Health, Gawad kabuhayan for livelihood, and Kapitbahayan, a community-neighborhood association

Things that I did not like at the concert:
slideshows. Imagine they did a Panatang makabayan and they showed the Marcoses at the portion wherein the narration was about pangingikil and kalayaan ay ipinagkait. To tell you the truth, Marcos was the best president we ever had...And look at the administration now? Experiencing a fiscal crisis. Should I add that the CFC ministry was one of the responsible for impeaching Estrada?

Oct 3

2am got home

6:20am Woke up. I wanted to wake at 8 so I just dilly-dallied.

10am Mass at the Cathedral

11am Went to Quiapo for breakfast and to search for an affordable and durable CD player. Mind you, I got one for Php1700. I admit I'm a cheapskate. The product's real, and made in China. That's the factor which made its price lower. Beat that! It has AM/FM and CD with tape recorder. It's cute too.

2pm. Southmall. I'm supposed to meet my blocmate but as expected, she is very confusing. Primarily we'd meet at 11 but then she had to attend to a birthday party so I adjusted my schedule. No show. So I met my sisters and as always, they got a free lunch! Then the shoes that I've been wanting to buy were not available. I already have a pair of those but I want another. I ended up buying just a comb! I was dead set on buying those shoes.

6pm Home at Last

8:30 pm. Practice. I've been trying to create dance steps. In my mind it's easy but I'm not a very skillful dancer

9:40 Sleep


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