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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Last Sunday, I went to Quiapo and had my breakfast (past 11am) at Jollibee Carriedo. I was so engrossed in my meal and was seated far from the window. By the tume I got out, I noticed that there were a lot of soldiers (at least I think they are, because of the camouflaged suits and armalites). I heard someone say they were raiding the pirated CDs. Sure enough, the stalls where the CDs were, were empty. If you are a Filipino, then you are aware that Quiapo has a lot more pirated Cds than the people who go there everyday. Of course, the cheapest costs Php10,and it is expensive if the price is 3 for Php100 or Php50 each.

Last night I was back at the area. Guess who's back?
The CDs.

My mom said that you just have to give a tip to the raiders. I thought that it is so easy to reproduce these things.


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