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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The ILC Experience

February 18, 2005. This was the first time I'll be riding an airplane. The Cebu Pacific flight is from Manila to Kalibo. I was given a window seat. A few seconds after we took off, we were with the clouds and the structures on land looked like those in models. After the demonstration of the life jacket and oxygen mask wearing, we played a guess the title of the song. We were given C2 and 2 Magic flakes for snacks. Newspapers were also distributed but I did not bother to read because I was too busy staring at the mountains and seas below. About noon, we arrived in Kalibo and I took a van going to Caticlan. There were no sights to see, but I noticed that there was a major lack of road signs. Actually, the only road signs that I saw were those indication how far the next town is. There were lots of curves and dangerous areas, and the driver made much use of his van's horn to warn other vehicles of an approaching vehicle. I arrived in Caticlan around 2pm. From there, we took a boat to the island of Boracay. The port was so clean that I could see the fingerling. The waves brushed against my face and it was fun to see other boats and windsurfers. I kept texting Evan, Alvin, and Joe. Around 15 minutes later, I was already in Boracay. Evan fetched me from the port of Station 3. Alvin stayed at another resort near us. We met Myra and the first thing that I asked her if Edge (Adrian) joined too. They saw each other but did not speak with one anther. We rested upon arriving because the conference will be starting at 7:30 pm. Around 3, the Latino dancers were already dressing up because they have to be in the conference site at 6. We left at 6:30. I forgot my ID. One unit head called another delegate from our chapter and she was able to obtain my ID from my bag. Melvin stayed with me while waiting for them. Dyopps later told me that Evan was almost into tears because she thought I might be lost. She cannot cry because that would ruin her make-up for the Latino. After Dyopps and Oneal escorted me to our area, we had supper, no meat of course, since it was a Lenten Friday. Then the conference started with a praise fest and talk 1 ( I am forgetful of the titles of the talk but the messages are clear in my head). Then we had the competition of Latino, SFC Pop idol (corny but I voted for NCR candidate) and reggae nights. Well of course I favored our chapter West B because they were really good and I know how hard they worked for this, practicing every night since the third week of January, and coming up with a lot of fundraising activities. Other contestants were also good, and some, according to Adrian, were nuisance candidates. He even predicted that we would win, he told me the Sunday night.

February 19
In the morning the Amazing Race started at 6am. Around 9, we had the praisefest and after that the competitions. Beach volleyball was held simultaneously with triangular tug of war and sand sculpture. In the tug of war we were able to reach the finals but the contenders from Oceania were stronger and more strategic. Our sculpture was fine but when I saw Iloilo's, it was better. While we were watching volleyball Jun asked me if I saw him. I replied I don't care. I enjoyed the clear water of Boracay as they were busy making the sculpture and the sea is so clear that I can still see my feet even if the water level is up to my shoulders. The sand was exquisite. It was noon and our feet do not get burned from the sand!

As I was browsing for white pants and some pasalubong I bumped into Adrian. He asked when I arrived, I said yesterday and they were already going back to their resort. He said "See you around" and I waved "Bye." Evan said that I did not even register any expression nor emotion.

We are supposed to wear an all-white or white and khaki for the anticipated mass. In the evening, talk 2 started and I began texting Adrian, because some sand got into the lens or viewfinder of my camera (courtesy of Melvin). I guess we are already on good terms. In reality, I was already fine years ago, but I know he was not. Then talk 3. This time I was on my way to dreamland. I just cannot help it. Talk 4, I was quite awake. We were given 100% pure ballers. Then the awarding ceremonies. Aside from Latino, we also won the biggest delegation, with 81!. Others include most inspirational delegate (Iloilo, they joined a lantern competition and if they win, they would use the money and they also had Christmas carolling) and most organized (I think it was Batangas). Party was just starting and of course, as expected, Alvin would be on stage. But the party was not that successful because of the music. Reggae is not in our blood.

We left at 8:30 am for Caticlan and by 10:30 we were on our way to Roxas, where the 29 of us will be taking Superferry 2. (Southwest tours should have organized our buses but it was Alvin who was negotiating for our ride) We had our lunch around 2pm. Boarding at around 4 and before 5 we left Roxas.

After napping it was time for supper. Then sleep again. I texted Adrian that I need some help in cleaning my cam at 7 pm but he only woke up while I was asleep. Then he cleaned my cam and we talked of more things that could rekindle our friendship. And other things that could make us wonder about life, the universe, and other quantities of matter around us.

We arrived in Manila at 8am just after we had our breakfast. I told Gayds that I'll be at the other part but she forgot to tell Alvin. Subsequent to some discussion with Day, Adrian, and other mission workers, I was surprised that we were already getting down. Naturally Alvin was frantic.

Then home. I had a lot of chores to do that I almost forgot to get my passport, but I was able to do it.

I did not come to Boracay to purely enjoy but for the conference. I can come back anytime to partake more of the beauty and delights that the island has to offer.


Blogger pAL said...

swerter nyo, nkasama kyo... check mo itong blog na ito:


nde ko cya k-chapter, nor ka-sector... pero brod din yan... 'yung dalawa na kasama nya, dati kong hawak sa household... hehehe...

February 22, 2005 5:29 PM  
Blogger Ardythe said...

I checked it out.

Pictures will be posted next time. Promise. May laman pa kze cartridge ko eh.

February 22, 2005 5:33 PM  

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