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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Quick Post on The Battle

I was anxious last Sunday whether I'd be able to catch the Pacquiao-Morales rematch. I had to be in the SAGIP service in the morning, then decided to hear the mass at Sta. Cruz church. When I got down at Quaipo, a lot of people were already there. I thought that it was because ABS-CBN vans and crews were shooting something. When I looked up, I saw on the big Mercury Drug tv that supporting bouts of the fight were being shown. I heard the mass, and like the rest of the Filipinos, prayed that our fellowman would win. Even the priest is aware of our intentions.

After wandering around Avenida, I got home and caught the 6th round. Though I was eating my late lunch, I was not looking at the food, but my eyes were glued to the boob tube. Outside, everything was so quiet that no footsteps nor vehicle could be heard.

Pacquiao won. It was a sweet taste of victory and Filipino pride all over the world.

Then Mike Arroyo went into the ring and we got a bad taste. GMA called or was called over the phone and spoke to Manny. It was irritating to hear, since I know the government did not spend even a single centavo for him, much more when he was not yet famous. Although Manny was thankful for all the support, the rest of the Filipinos are not. I've heard that when Manny was fighting and won, people were shouting "Pacquiao, Pacquiao!". When the first gentleman spoke to him, they could have said "F*** you. F*** you!"

So there. Ü


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