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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Present and The Future

It's late at night and here I am. While my better half is deep in slumber, I think of him as I write this.

Sometimes, the distance is just distance, but the fact that you do not get to see each other almost everyday like you used to, is such a pain. Tolerable, but it hurts. Yet you have to keep going, to live you life like nothing has changed. After all, love is there.

I thought my life was okay. It is, until the absence of your beloved can just make you cry. True, the exodus of Filipinos to provide a better future for their families, or future families in fact, is happening to me. The time is still far for us to be really together, and if it is God's will, we will be.

Verge is praying that the Philippine economy will be better. That Filipinos would have no need to go abroad just to provide more than enough food on the table and cash in the pocket.

If only we can be better citizens, a better nation...If only we think of our fellowmen as well, then there is no need for poverty, no division between status quos. No need for our loved ones to go elsewhere...


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