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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Learning Little by Little

I went to my cousins' houses yesterday. I took care of Eamonn, my 6-month old nephew and had a little chat with Ericka, 11 years old. Eamonn is the son of Kuya Raymond and Ericka the daughter of Kuya Ricky.
Ericka is very adept and techie, she has lots of websites already that she herself designed. Quite a feat for an 11-year old! I asked her to teach Shelma, the helper, how to use the web since I'm not always there. And this niece of mine goes yearly to the USA to visit her mother's relatives, that I told her to take me next year. So far, she has experienced the Niagara falls! Whoa! I mean the pictures do not need words!
Eamonn spent the day jumping, sleeping, drinking milk, laughing, and playing horsey-horsey (he invented himself and swing his body throughout the whole crib!). When we were eating dinner, he wanted to have a glass. I tried handling the glass for him. He touched it with his hands and started to drink! Of course we would not have him really drink, because he's be ready for it when he's two.
Ericka and Eamonn, the children closest to my heart and I learn from them the process for growing up...


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