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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pressure is a Privilege

I have never been as toxic as before in my life. Gee, sometimes priorities come to make you think, pray and discern.

May 16 - chapter assembly - my assignment is ON FIRE, the publication of CFC-SFC West B1F
May 17 - CYD meeting
May 19 - MMLA
May 20 - SAGIP Olympics; parents' wedding anniversary - I chose to be with my family
May 24 - CYD meeting

May 27 - SIGA Olympics
Note: SAGIP West B won the championship for the third time! SIGA got the championship this year! Kudos to all the players, parents, and service team! God is so good!

May 28 - Joe's despedida
Hey! I'm the host here...Gosh! It's been quite a while since I last manned a party. Check on the food, the attendees, the venue, the utensils, the props, etc. Since May 24 I was compiling his pictures because I do not know how to do a film showing for that so I asked for some friends' help. May 25 we did not get around to do it because they had to go to La Union. May 26 was cross-stitch finalization day. I sent the instructions via email on the 28 at 7am. Yup, I didn't go to work. At 6pm I was told that they were not able to do it because they were busy and feeling sick. I wanted to cry...But I went to meet Rachelle, my household member for Joe requested tiramisu and I had her aunt do it. I told her of my plight. Then she had her laptop and with a moviemaker!!! I was so happy!

May 29-meet with SIGA and Joe

May 30 - visit Joe's parents; see him off at the airport

Now that it's all done, I had my braces adjusted (supposedly May 19) and also visited my dermatologist (supposedly May 12). If my schedule allows it, next week I have to see my ophthalmologist.Ü


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