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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The dates

I was supposed to have three dates last Valentine's day. One with class Papa, one with SFC, and obe woth my friends. I chose class Papa. But there were only two of us and I did not see Dyna, though we kept texting each other and we were just around the vicinity. All the rest who confirmed did not even pop up. I know I was late because of the traffic but they could have at least told me. I waited till 9 and I saw Julius Babao. That was the only consolation I got.

Then I proceeded to UST for SFC. God must have been jealous and He must be punishing me for choosing the class over him, since it was an orientaion for the CLP. How guilty can I get?

Anyway, I only spent fare. My supper was for free...at my house of course. I also had some snacks at UST. hahaha.


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