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Monday, February 28, 2005


I will be in our Makati office, a warehouse of computer parts, on Wednesday. I should be there tomorrow but I still have to turn over some things here, and finish other tasks too.

Bad news: 24/7. My French classes are at stake. Darn. I told them before but the person concerned did not know it. Things are just so sudden!

Worse: I will be working on a Sunday. I value that day so much due to religious beliefs.

We will be wearing our office uniform next week. Will that mean I have to store my 4-week wardrobe for a while? Hmmm.There are still Saturdays and Sundays (ugh).

I hopeI can start my classes next session. This has been pending for two months now. That means mssing modules already.

Good news: I have more time and money to replenish what I spent in the ILC for my braces.

More bad news: Missing my breakfast and eating home-cooked lunch. So unme. I never miss breakfast and I love whatever is cooked in our house, primarily because I am assured that it is hygienic, safe, nutrititious, delicious, and definitley no MSG. But if I will be working at 6am, then oh no, I would not want to bother my parents to have them ready at 4am.

I wish....I hope, and I fervently pray...


Blogger d_wkst_lnk said...

MSG ain't that bad. It's actually made from sugarcane. Americans make it seem that MSG is bad when in fact they're just sour grapes from not having beaten the japanese to it... :)

March 15, 2005 4:32 PM  

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