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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Life is Complicated

I absent myself from work last Tuesday. I was sick and I had to pass my school reports, plus get community tax certificate and have my check-up. Kinda hectic.

As I was going home, I saw a dog with 2 hind legs. I have to emphasize two hind legs, because he had no front legs. I thought he suffered from some accident then I learned it could be inborn. He seemed happy.

Walking along the street, I saw a man...an insane man. Like all insane, he was talking to himself. He was arguing and answering himself. That is when it occured to me, I am living a complicated life.

My life is complicated. I have dreams yet to be realized. I have problems at work regarding work attitude and the work itself. I have concerns regarding my family. I am troubled over school. Plus the fact that I am preoccupied with SFC. However, I have no love life. Sheesh.

That night, surprises of surprises. I was asked to be the sharer for the CLP . It wasn't really me, it was supposed to be another sister, who left for the province already. I really didn't know what to say. I could utter the wrong words. All through the talk, I listened to Rain so that I will get what he wants to share. I also prayed.

True enough, miracle of miracles. God gave me the words of love and wisdom. Yeah, I did utter that my life is complicated - due to service, family, school and work. I omitted love life intentionally. Jean thought I was going for it, but I had to control myself.

Loving your neighbor. I am not a master of that act. But yes, I did love, and still love, unconditionally.


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