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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Worthwhile Coffee

Last night, I intended to skip our household meeting, with a very special purpose of course. I asked permission from Cathy who said that I should discern. I made up my mind. I had an early dinner then by 7:30 I was out of the house.

I got into a jeepney soon. No traffic. The travel was good. There were only few people on the streets. Once again, I was awed by the lights on McArthur bridge - bright lighting coming from the lampposts, renovated by the ever-stringent Mayor Alfredo Lim. I wish I bought my camera. I remember Kay wanted to take pictures of that.

Entering Intramuros, La Intendencia stood abandoned yet painted. It was maintained the way I last saw it. It was supposed to be National Archives, National Treasury and whatever the government wants it to be. Yet it remained untouched. For centuries it became a landmark.

I walked towards Starbucks. The floor layout of the tables have changed. Settled between the walls, I chose a checkerboard design table, as I thought that would enhance my wit as I did my papers. I had a venti caramel mocha. As usual, even if I dictated how to spell my name, it was wrong - Ardiythe. It took me more than 2 hours to finish my coffee. Inside, I remember a lot of things. The times I reviewed there for my french classes, the moments that I spent with special people, and a very special man. It was kinda refreshing and that contributed to the thoughts running through my mind as I was ruling out dairy processing and the nutritional surveillance in Bangladesh.

By 11pm, I knew I had to go home. I went out and saw people who were already there to arrange the morning papers - tabloids and broadsheets. I was a little scared because it was dark and the streets were almost empty. I waited for either jeep or cab but there was only one. Fx taxis on their way to Sucat was frequent. Then it dawned on me that late at night, I would be having a hard time going home, unless I chose another route or take a cab. I proceeded to walk towards Lawton. I was reminded that I always pray when I used to live there and walk from Letran to where I stayed. There were quiet a few people that also walked, one of them seemed to not know where to go, so he just followed suit. I still saw the lights that either turn on or off when I pass by. I know they were there to remind me that I am once again, walking along the lighted streets of Intramuros while savoring memories and the air. The walls which were built almost 400 years ago, a witness to many scenes and events. The walls which served as the protectors from invaders, and also as jails, baluartes, and cannon-shooting points. The walls where I spent my childhood and some parts of my high school and after college. The walls that I used to walk beside it with someone that I love.

I could bring my camera and tripod the next time I go back. To cherish priceless moments forever.

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