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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nokia's Failing

All my cellphones have been manufactured by Nokia. Except for one manufactured by Motorola.

I got my 3310 in 2001. It was fine. I dropped it only three times, if I remember it right. But by February or March 2006, my drink spilled in my bag, and that was the start of its good-bye. Slowly, battery life would end when I have a call. I replaced its battery twice, so I had three batteries during the whole duration of it with me.

I bought a 6610i when the 3310 got wet. Just to be sure. But after a few months, I forgot when, it really just few months, it's keypad wouldn't work and I had to bring it to the Nokia Care Center.

My boyfriend had to go to Papua New Guinea and since my phone was open line and his was not, I used his and he used mine. His phone was Motorola L6. I had it repaired once.

Since we were eligible to obtain a free phone due to his post paid plan, we got an N73 in March 2008. However, in August, the phone would just turn off. I had it checked by October and a month later, the problem re-occurred. I brought it again to the Nokia Care Center but after a week it experienced the same problems. I had it checked only this year, around February or March, before the warranty expired, but when I got home, it was still the same. As in that same night.

I continued to endure the power failures and the memory full status, until I got the 6700 July this year. Yet, on September 9, 2009, yesterday, it would not switch on. I slept at 1am charging it, leaving it on, and then viola! It has no power anymore when I woke up. I brought it to the Nokia Care Center once again. Up to now I have no update.

What bothers me are:
the loss of the data - all contacts, messages, reminders, notes
the loss of time - to update all the information on the phone
the loss of time - because I have to have it checked, and then I have to come back to claim it
the quality of the phone.

The simpler the phone, the better. But times are changing now...

Or maybe I would get another brand next time...


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