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Monday, October 02, 2006

All Heads Up

Since the start of September, two SAGIP facilitators (Cathy G and me) wanted to watch Joseph the dreamer. Then, Cathy said, let's bring the kids. I agreed. Roan said, prioritize the grade school graduates. Two days later we were working on it, checking the schedule of the runs and contacting people who would be willing to sponsor. So far, stages, c/o Oliver (who happens to be a Haribon and a former full-time mission worker for SFC = double bro!) has been cooperative. It's barely two weeks and 15 kids already have sponsors. They total 19. But that is just small. We hope we get good discounts!

As facilitators, we believe that this is a very good exposure for the children who are just ordinary kids, bombarded by bad media, politics, and even education, but with a holistic background of what we teach them and what else is out there.


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