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Thursday, September 01, 2005

West B-Home of the Champs

Upon my arrival at Tatalon at 5:50 am Saturday, August 27, 2005, the children were already in one bus and their parents/companions were in the other bus. Even if we wanted to have a little breakfast, we were not able to do so because we were busy keeping up and checking with the kids. All the children were seated and aroung 6:30 am, the bus rolled on the way to Marikina Sports Complex. Under the EDSA tunnel along Quezon Ave., they were shrieking since it was dark there. Note that they are more than a hundred and the girls and boys are mixed. Their ages are 7-13.

We arrived in Marikina in a few minutes and assembled outside. They got their admission tickets and upon entrance they saw the big and wide sports plaza. We tried to keep them from running, but hey, they are more boisterous than us. We went to our area and they settled there.

The parade started at around 8am and the children who were participants in the field demo, fun games, and sports events assembled. SAGIP kids from all over Metro Manila joined in these. When a team parades they proceed to the field demo. Then the torch was lighted by relay. The games began sumulatenously with some performances. How many people were there? Around two thousand.

We got tired from looking for the children, running after them, having them run with us. In the morning the sun shone brightly but the heavens had mercy on us SFCs that it rained the whole afternoon. hahaha.

After these, mass was held and during the awarding ceremonies someone proposed marriage, to coin the term, used the kids. Since there were so many events I was not able to take note,. Besides it was so noisy. West B consisting of Tatalon, San Jose, and Don Manuel was the over-all champion...and the biggest delegation of SFCs.

This is the second year of the SAGIP Olympics, to foster brotherhood, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among the children, all for the learning and glory of the Lord.


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